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    2011 BITD Bilek Silver State 300 - Pics / Updates / Information

    Congratulatioins Matt!! That win is fantastic. 15 seconds is pretty darn close. We wish we could've been there with you. I guess the extra prep we did may have paid a divedend. Great job to Jagged, your machine is going to make the rest of the season a challenge to the rest of us.
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    Snowflake is over

    I am truely saddened by this. Raced it, camped with the family, partied, and really enjoyed the variety of racers that come to this event. For someone to say that they won't have happen what happened at the MDR is just closed mind thinkin. How about that Whiplash worked hard to get this event...
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    JaggedX RZR XP900 BITD race car build thread...

    Nice job on the build so far guys! Keep the pics coming. To me, if the UTVRA inspectors are involved in the build and give it their blessing, lets race. After going through the Baja Bobsled I feel you'll have some great competition and I can't wait to hear all about the race. Just wish I could...
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    Matt Parks On the Cover of ATV Rider Magazine!!!

    Wow Thanks for the Props Matt. We hope all the work pays off at the SS300, just wish we could be there. Somebody picked that weekend to get married. If there is anything you need let us know.
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    Matt Parks On the Cover of ATV Rider Magazine!!!

    Don't let Danny see your light bar, at minimum you'd have to wipe the drool from it lol
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    Matt Parks On the Cover of ATV Rider Magazine!!!

    Congrats Matt!! Looks like the car is getting its due notice!!
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    All UTV's Mark Turner needs your prayers

    Get better soon Mark!!! lots of positive energy comin your way.
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    lost and found at parker

    I seen the custom creations entry come into the pit with their spare tire straps dangling on the first lap at midway. It may have a pink bead lock ring and they are sponsored by GBC. you might get a hold of lasher and see if he knows if they lost one.
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    Merry Christmas to all the underground! Have a happy and safe Holidays! Lets not forget the Heros' ever watching our borders, missing their families, so that we can enjoy our freedom. SALUTE!! and thank you.
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    I think the RZR4 should win. Polaris, through all its struggles, has made something the whole family can enjoy and thats a big reason to buy these toys in the first place. I was rather impressed that even my 6' frame could get in the back seat and be compfortable. They have a sturdy and stable...
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    TransWest Ford Henderson “250†To Be A Real Championship Shootout In The Desert

    Congrats Rito!! It's about time! I'm glad you stuck it out through all the challenges. Victory is sweet after so many battles. Congrats again.
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    UTVUnderground Set For The 2010 Baja 1000 *PICS*

    Have fun Matt! maybe I'll see you in ensinada. Look for the BFG truck!
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    Blind driver...BWDC 1932 in car

    Cool Matt! How did Bryce ever do any navigating for you? seems he was always playing with the air horn. lol
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    UTVUnderground Set For The 2010 Baja 1000 *PICS*

    Good Luck to AGM. Be safe guys! If you need anything come see me at BGF pit #3 in Bay of LA. We'll get you going! My mouth is a watering for street tacos

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