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    Pismo for Labor Day?

    Trying to see if anyone is going out to Pismo this weekend. I will be staying in town but want to see if anyone is down for a ride. I also am a tech so I know a good amount about sxs mechanically and just wanted to give anyone a heads up if they are having any issues maybe we can meet up. I will...
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    Fastback cage from SDR....feeler

    how much are you looking to get out of it?
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    All UTV's CVT belt life

    If you have blowers then you are most likely restricting the airflow at speeds over 20 or 25 MPH. I have measured cfm on the stock clutches at various RPM's while in N and the amount of air that the clutch is moving is greater than that of the fan. i would recommend a scoop with a grate for the...
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    Suspension over jumps

    If you said you do mostly desert driving then you probably have have a lot of rebound because you want the shock to come back out quickly for the long whoop sections which is exactly what is hurting you on the jumps. Its a balance ….. if your shock has a rebound adjustment on it like many do...
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    Cleghorn rd this Sunday mar 23rd?

    I go out here a lot and yes bring your adventure pass especially if you are parking next to the railroad tracks. Sorry I will be in San Diego but if you guys go out to Cleghorn again let me know. I love to just shoot through it then I can Pack up and head home to LA. A lot of fire road…. but...
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    Official: 2014 Mint 400 race thread

    I dont understand why everyone is so surprised that the Utv's catch flack in BITD. Its a gigantic ego contest. So the guys who spend more money and have the faster cars are going to flaunt around like they are the greatest thing to ever happen to BITD. Now because we don't have the backing that...
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    All UTV's whats the ugliest utv?

    I was actually with some KTM factory guys and we were joking about what it would take to use an 1190 KTM engine and make a sxs. Ktm isnt going to make a sxs anytime soon the x-bow was a big enough headache for them. but this was the idea and its ugly but cool somehow
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    XP1K or T Rex 2

    And nobody here is trying to sway him towards a maverick....... I see how it is already leaving out Can Am....
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    Can-Am Race Mav testing

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Went to barstow, taft, and milestone and now we have to take on the 2014 race season
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    All UTV's Are these the most ADVANCED Shocks EVER???

    Having a variable adjustment i see being practical for long BITD and SCORE races where you can pre-run and put notes and let the co-driver adjust the shocks as you go. I Would like an oh $hit button for a co-driver if the driver is going to rail something harder than planned he hits it and car...
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    Questions about WORCS in Primm

    They normally fence off a portion of the parking lot and where u park u set up your easy up and thats your work station. As to setting up a pit station during the race most people just walk over to the designated area with a spare tire and a jack not much of a full work station
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    1400 trucks SST {[VIDEO]}

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> 1400 trucks at SST - YouTube Before the Utv's did their race the second day I got a little video of the 1400 trucks. Let me know what you think good or bad
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    2013 SCORE TECATE Baja 1000 roll call

    Yea i can wait for the tacos.......
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    Rumor has it.....

    ......And there will be a SxS class again, rumor...
  15. C Desert Rally - Ocotillo Wells / S22 Nov 8-10

    Del Amo Motorsports will make an appearance and support.... still trying to come up with cool ideas......

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