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    2014 King Of The Hammers - YES there will be a UTV Race!

    How about this video? :D UTVUnderground Presents: 2013 King of The Hammers UTV Race Coverage - YouTube
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    J's Racing

    Jay is the best! I wouldn't trust my RZR with anyone other than him. He goes over the car with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is tip-top. Just look at how the car held together during the King of the Hammers race last year...and some of us know how hard I drive. :D Give him a call...
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    Road to the Hammers

    Thank you Rich! You've always been in my corner and I really appreciate all your support!
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    Road to the Hammers

    Thank you Jim! There will be live tracking again this year, would love for you and Sharon to follow along!
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    Road to the Hammers

    This thread is back! Should've probably started a "Road to the Hammers Part Deux" thread, but oh it goes... So, I just couldn't stay away. King of the Hammers is THE race. It pretty much just rocks, so here we go again! :D Shall we start with a teaser build pic? Check out the...
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    >>> Official PURE SXS SERIES Site <<<<

    Bump! The Pure SXS Series rocks!
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    New Build - Tejon Gen II

    Bringing the Turkey Claw Trophy!
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    Nightmare Gulch Nov. 15th-17th

    Haha. Looks like I got shot on the top of the RZR...but at least I had a smile on my face. ;)
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    Nightmare Gulch Nov. 15th-17th

    Should I come and spend my birthday with you guys? ;)
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    Polaris Wheel hubs

    Fireball makes an awesome billet hub! Most billet hubs are practically indestructible. The stock ones, especially on a RZR or an S are cruddy and we shouldn't have been racing on them anyway. The XP hubs, however are stronger, although...if you're racing or running larger (heavier) rims/tires...
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    UTVUnderground Presents: 2013 SCORE Baja 500 - Polaris Racing VIDEO

    Great work utv underground awesome video,thanks JoeyD
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    Pure 200 Race Recap

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    Pure 200 Race Recap

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    Pure 200 Race Recap

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    Pure 200 Race Recap

    Ah. Back at it! After some downtime to recover from Hammers, we were at it again! Changes to the car included - removing our MotoAlliance winch, having the shocks rebuilt for long desert racing by Walker Evans, upgrading stock hubs to billet Fireball Racing hubs and rebuilding the clutch with...

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