Red Bull Ranch Scramble Debuts in Bowie, TX

May 6, 2024
Chris Leone

Austin Dinger Wins SXS Pro Category and Reese Fuhlman Wins SXS Sportsman Category

Bowie, Texas, May 5, 2024: Just as unpredictable as Texas weather, so was this year's Red Bull Ranch Scramble Race! Night before thunderstorms made for muddy track conditions at Shadow Creek Ranch. Shadow Creek Ranch played host to professional and recreational UTV drivers on their close to two mile race track. The course is filled with hair pin turns, added jumps, water crossings, and even a section in the backwoods - making this track one of the fastest and most dangerous of the series. The track pushed drivers’ skills to the max, showcasing a barrage of talent from both professional and recreational drivers alike.

Across the two race classes, the SXS Pro for experienced drivers and the SXS Sportsman for amateur off-road enthusiasts, there were more than 30 drivers who participated in the Red Bull Ranch Scramble. After morning qualifying races, the afternoon competitions consisted of seven Sportsman and eight Pro lap finals. In the SXS Pro class, Austin Dinger claimed victory with a total race time of 34:49.607. In the SXS Sportsman class, Resse Fuhlman finished first with a total race time of 20:05.64. The Pro race was a neck and neck finish between winner Austin Dinger and second place Connor Maxwell, and with an added lap - the pro racers definitely brought the heat today!




  1. Austin Dinger, 8/34:49.607
  2. Connor Maxwell, 8/34:49.964
  3. Cross Kirchmeier, 8/35:20.989


  1. Reece Fuhlman, 7/20:05.640
  2. Kevin Hall, 7/20:51.3888
  3. Dylan Jacobson, 7/20:58.065

“It was a wild battle, but this was one of the best races I’ve had in a long time! I worked through a few mistakes in the backwoods section- but my my team did a great job with the car and I’m so thankful for everyone who got me here.” - Austin Dinger


Racers could not have asked for a more beautiful Texas raceday. Not a cloud in the sky, wind conditions minimal- the Oak Hill Raceway track was in perfect condition for a full day of off-road racing. The track offered drivers some challenges in the backside, with sharp turns and extreme hills. Rollouts occurred, but recoveries were quick. The crowd also brought the energy and kept the drivers spirits high as they would soar over jumps and put the pedal to the metal.

Red Bull Off-road athletes Mia Chapman and Corbin Leaverton were also amongst the racers in the field. Corbin finished fourth in the Pro race, with a time of 35:33.258.

It was amazing to be back in Texas and racing on a brand new track. It had a great woods section that was a lot of fun and was an amazing track length for everyone to try their luck at. Excited to get after it at the next Red Bull Scramble race!” - Corbin Leaverton



Red Bull Ranch Scramble marked the second race in the 2024 Red Bull Scramble Series National Championship. Leaverton remains the leader of the SXS Pro Class overall leaderboard with 185 points after a P1 finish at Red Bull Sand Scramble and a P4 finish at Red Bull Ranch Scramble. Chapman currently runs second in the SXS Pro Class with 140 points. Fuhlman and Kaden Isobella are currently tied for first in the SXS Sportsman class with 100 points each.

The remaining 2024 schedule features six unique locations:

  • May 18, Red Bull Beach Scramble in Wildwood, N.J.
  • June 22, Red Bull Solstice Scramble in Wasilla, Ala
  • October 12, Red Bull Farm Scramble in Garwin, Iowa


Red Bull Scramble Series National Championship

The Red Bull National Championship is separated into two classes: the Pro Class for more experienced racers and the Sportsman Class for amateur off-road enthusiasts. While no single race is the same, both classes will follow the same points structure per race and will abide by the same tiebreaker (as required) for the season. The Pro Class and Sportsman Class National Scramble Series Championship is determined by the best four finishes and best three finishes each driver achieves throughout the season, respectively.