Youth Racer Profiles: From BMX to Desert Racing, Mason Cotter's Roadmap to Glory

May 8, 2024
WESTx 1000

Mason Cotter's off-road journey began with his experiences traveling and competing in BMX championships with his father. Encouraged by his dad, Mason then began racing dirt bikes and now competes in the Youth 1000 class with a Polaris RZR RS1. With his sights set on becoming a Trophy Truck driver in the future, Mason's dedication is evident.

Racing is Mason's main focus and he draws inspiration from top racers like Bryce Menzies and his father. His ultimate goal is to clinch the 2024 Youth 1000 Triple Crown Championship and eventually transition to Trophy Truck racing when time and opportunity allows. Despite his young age, Mason Cotter is already carving his path in the off-road racing scene.

Mason Cotter - 2024 Mint 400 2.jpg

From his early days on dirt bikes to his current dominance in the Youth 1000 class, Mason's journey is a testament to his passion and determination. Balancing his racing aspirations with his education, Mason homeschools to accommodate his rigorous training and competition schedule. While many teenagers juggle sports and academics, Mason's commitment to both is commendable, showcasing his dedication to success on and off the track. Oh, and his favorite subject is math!

As he looks to the future, Mason's ambitions are pretty clear. With dreams of piloting a Trophy Truck and conquering the Youth 1000 Triple Crown Championship his strategy is simple yet effective: never give up and keep winning. When asked about his do-or-die attitude, Cotter told us about a recent short course race he competed in: "I got a flat, pitted under green with three laps left, moved from last (P7) to first (P1). Never giving up and continuing to win is what drives me forward."

Mason Cotter - 2024 Parker 400 3.jpg

The thrill of racing fuels Mason's drive, pushing him through even the toughest races. Whether it's navigating treacherous off-road terrain or battling competitors wheel-to-wheel on short courses, Mason thrives on the adrenaline rush that comes with every event: "Lining up at the start of the Mint 400, I felt a mix of excitement and anticipation. It's a cool feeling to be part of such an iconic race." It's a moment he cherishes, knowing that each race presents an opportunity to prove himself and showcase his skills behind the wheel.

Despite his impressive list of accomplishments (victories in prestigious events like the Parker 400, Mint 400, and California 300, along with BMX National Championships), Mason remains grounded, attributing much of his success to the never-ending support of his father. Their bond extends beyond the track, serving as a driving force behind Mason's pursuit of excellence in racing and in life.

Looking ahead, Mason's calendar is filled with upcoming races, including the California 300. With each event, he gains valuable experience and hones his craft, inching closer to his ultimate goal of becoming a top-tier off-road racer.

Mason Cotter - 2024 Mint 400 5.jpg
Mason Cotter (Driver Headshot)

Want to follow along Mason's race efforts? Check him out on Instagram @cotterboysracing.