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    Rhino fiberglass hood wanted

    Like the one in my avatar
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    Rhino fiberglass hood wanted

    I used to run glass works unlimited but i dont know if they still make them.
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    Funco long travel with 32 in maxxis tires
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    Just a k&n, muzzy dual exhaust, and reflash ecu want to keep it reliable
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    All UTV's Post up a pic of your sxs!!

    Heres a couple of mine. one is was inspired by joeys car at the sand show.
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    Heres one we are just finishing up with to take to rotr. it should be a rock killer
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    All UTV's R1 fuel flow setup? Need help

    I ran a msd injected pump with a small filter before and then straight to the fuel rail. using the stock pressure regulater. had 45 psi at all times worked perfect.
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    FiberGlass Hood

    I had glassworks unlimited body kit on my car don't know if they are still making them
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    Polaris swaybar take it off or not?

    Its a xp 4 and mostly glamis, so maybei should just try it. thanks guys
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    Polaris swaybar take it off or not?

    Hey guys I sold my r1 car and bought an xp 4, and was wondering if anybody has taken the sway bar off for a better ride. we used to take them off the rhinos and teryxs. any thoughts thanks
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    2012 Presidents Day Dune Ride

    I'm in. Never been. I've always wanted to go
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    bfg projects/general grabber hook up

    Have you tried thats where i get my bajas
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    Flex your R/C's **Show em off!**

    My new toy the wifey bought me:D
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    All UTV's r1 rhino gearing

    Thanks for the help guys. I think I need to go to a 6:1 with the tires I have 5:1 is just nit enough
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    All UTV's r1 rhino gearing

    Hey guys I need some advice on gearing my car. what is the gear ratio for all around driving. i have about 5:1 right now with 27" tires and its kinda a dog. what do the weller kits run thanks

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