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    2018 UTV World Championship Info Thread

    Confused on the 3rd & 4th race classes. I see it listed two different ways
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    KOH Qualifing Order

    I don't understand Branden Sims not being included
  3. Heybeerman

    KOH Qualifing Order

    88 UTV's will be qualifying.
  4. Heybeerman

    SCORE / BITD Sportman UTV Class

    Sounds like RLB might be thinking about the BITD Production class.
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    Shelby Anderson to pilot Young Gun car #1805 at UTV World Championship

    Pretty cool George. You should both be starting on the same row for the UTVWC race.
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    2017 King of the Hammers

    I hope they do more than that! They support the race promoter but not the racer. I guess we will see what they offer up.
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    2017 King of the Hammers

    Any word on what Can-AM is offering as a prize?
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    Polaris Polaris RZR 10th Birthday!

    Love them or hate them, the SxS industry would not be where it is at without them.
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    Robby Gordon's Arctic Cat Wildcat

    That post is full of Bull Shit and hearsay. Propaganda and ass covering is the only information there.
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    Parker UTV Pit Crew Challenge

    You have to change a tire with a Forty taped to each hand.
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    Robby Gordon's Arctic Cat Wildcat

    The bigger question is can Arctic Cat stay in business long enough to build a 1000 of these units. If they long till everything go's to shit with RG and he sues them?
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    L14/15 Polaris replacement axles different than original? Other parts issues.

    George Felix calling someone else a "comedy of errors" That's Funny!!!!!!
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    Tires and Wheels for hunting buggy

    Go straight to a Light Truck tire like a BFG MT. You will most likely have to change to a 15" wheel, but it will be worth it.
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    Should BITD Have Let Max Gordon (8yr Old) Race??

    1. No way should an 8yo been allowed on course. 2. I pass every car like the driver is an 8year old. (passing=most danger in racing) 3. UTVRA is a Sham and a conflict of interest. BITD needs to step up! 4. Letting a car race, that does not pass tech is a JOKE!!!! A bad joke! "you can...

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