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  • Cuflipn, I'm paralyzed and I'm build arms for my rzr rather than buying a set for the upcoming koh and I'm really interested in the jig you made for your a arms. Let me know what you think.
    Hey Brett so you snagging one of the new Teryx 4's to work on or you thinking of building a ground up desert racer now that K has got the new engine/CVT out?
    Thanks Aaron!! :) did you see that JoeyD gave me a nick name KAwiCrawler!! :)

    Your build will get people going also!! I think just because they break out of the norm and look freaking awesome people will be blown away!!!
    The picture of you sitting in it really shows people what you're creating. Just wait till they see it finished. You'll probably get invited on some cool rides. :)

    Thought I'd post a question last night that would cause some discusions but it seems most people are just excited how mean the build looks :)
    If only they knew how far along you are :)
    Great response so far. It'll be intersting to see what the say when you really show it to them.
    It's as good as the best of them. Really is!
    I bet this will inspire others to build crawlers.
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