UTV Wrist Restraints - How (not) to break your arm or hand in a UTV rollover!

Matt Martelli - CEO

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Jun 17, 2013
UTV Wrist Restraints - How (not) to break your arm or hand in a UTV rollover!

The number one injury sustained during a UTV rollover is a broken arm or hands. It happens every single day. That’s because most UTV’s don’t have windows or even window nets, and it’s instinctual to put your arms and hands out when your body rolls. Sure, you can spend a few hundred dollars per window and have nets installed, but there’s a much simpler solution; Rhino USA UTV Safety Wrist Restraints.

The Rhino Wrist Restraints look deceptively simple. They’re basically a soft cuff that is attached to the wrist and worn on the hand next to the window. So drivers cuff their left hand and passengers their right hand. The cuffs loop through your lap belt (harness) on the other end. They are long enough for you to reach up and adjust your goggles, helmet, etc, but too short for you to put your arm out the window or grab the roll cage accidentally when you rollover. Should all four passengers be wearing them in a four-seat car? Yes, definitely. Especially teenagers who are even more prone to reaching out during a UTV rollover.

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