Riding in UTAH with Warfighter Made, Polaris and The Godfrey Clan


Jan 9, 2009
North County San Diego
For the 3rd year in a row, UTVUnderground.com is out on a fun trip with Polaris and the Warfighter Made organization. This time The Godfrey Clan has invited all of us up to their compound outside of Zion National Park for a week of fun, guns and off road riding!

The view from the compound

Day 1 we went to Purgatory gun range and had a skeet tournament.

Cody, one of the wounded vets with us having some fun.

A cool group photo

Greg Godfrey and I taking a selfie. Greg is the founder ofNitro Circus and the leader of the Clan. He's a great friend and an awesome guy.

So many awesome places to see here in Utah. This was a set of waterfalls we rode to the other evening when we arrived.

We got up yesterday and went to shoot machine guns with the Godfrey clan. We shot SCAR's, SAW's, P90, MP5, AR15, 50 Caliber long range, 308 Lapua's, you name it!!

After guns we hit the trails and rode up to sand hallow and had a blast playing on the trails and in the sand. Utah is epic for riding!

Our weapons this week are the UTVUnderground.com Polaros General and our RZR XP Turbo with cagewrx cage, windshield, bumper, and PRP sand seats. Both machines worked perfectly.

We rode over to some dinosaur tracks. It was awesome.

I took this photo on top of Sand Hallow.

Epic selfie right!? lol

Charging the highway at sunset

The general looking pretty out here

Kirsty Ennis is a legend! She is also with us for recreational therapy


Jan 9, 2009
North County San Diego
It was an amazing week or riding, funs, guns and therapy for the war fighters.

This is our 3rd year doing a recreational therapy trip with Warfighter made and its by far the most meaningful and best trip of the year for me. To take injured combat veterans who suffer from both physical and invisible injuries and see them smile, laugh and just purely enjoy themselves is just such a great feeling.

Anyway, I'll be writing a story and dropping a video Memorial Day week but here are some more images until then.

Please visit Warfightermade.org and make a donation. Any little bit helps!! Support our troops.

Chess Johnson was shot in the head while serving in Iraq as part of the Army. The wound entered his right eye and lodged itself into his head where it still sits. Chess lost his entire memory with the gunshot and knows his childhood only by stories and photos. Chess has battled everything from the physical pain, losing his right eye to severe depression and PTSD. This week Chess told us that he tends to seclude himself because the public either looks at him like a freak or pity's him. He said this week actually made him feel like he was a part of a family and getting out and rising rzrs gave him a whole new hobby to pursue. Chess is a hero, a great man and someone I was proud to bond with.

Kirstie Ennis, a Marine, was manning her .50 cal off the side of a helo when it went down while serving in Afghanistan. The crash left Kirstie with severe facial and leg damage. She recently when from a below the knee amputation to an above the knee and has had over 42 surgeries to repair her legs and face. Kirstie is one of the top ranked women's snowboarders and looks to compete in the para-Olympics. She refuses to let her injuries define her and despite suffering from invisible injuries as well as the physical she continues to push through and charge to completing goals she has set forth in life. Kirstie had a fantastic time and looks to even race a UTV soon!

Cody Elliot, also a Marine, was hit with an IED while serving on his second tour in Afghanistan. The explosion tore him up damaging both legs, left hand and his face / head. Cody went through numerous surgeries and years of PT to get to where he is today. Cody is one of the most positive veterans I have ever met and is an inspiration to everyone. He is a world class rock climber and teaches young children who suffer from limitations to overcome and become rock climbers as well. It was awesome to see Cody with us in Utah, we had met years ago as Cody is also part of a veteran based off road race team.

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Jun 5, 2015
Very cool, looks like you have had a great time and got to ride in some amazing places.

I followed Kirstie and her story on instagram for sometime now, it is pretty amazing what all she has been through and the struggles she has over come, much like many of our injured veterans. She is an amazing inspiration to many.


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Apr 26, 2016
Worthing, SD
I was lucky enough to go on a trip last October to Utah to ride with Rob from Warfighter Made and the entire Godfrey Clan. Amazing people and absolutely beautiful country to ride in. The main reason, why I've been hoping to get a UTV for myself. Had an absolute blast!
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