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Feb 2, 2016
Hey all... Newbie here, although I admit to lurking for some time. I'm a motorsports photog out of the Lake Havasu area and such I spend much of my time with my lens pointed at various performance boats and local wildlife. A couple years ago that changed a bit for me when I was attending the annual Desert Storm Poker Run and I met the Mills Motorsports crew along with Kent Kroeker of KORE Offroad on a houseboat amongst the chaos. Shortly after that I begged my way on to one of their chase trucks headed for the 2013 Baja 1000. That 1000 was my first experience shooting a desert race and I was fortunate enough to get invited back by the team. Since then I have been given the chance to shoot all of the Mills Motorsports races and I am going on my 3rd season with the team. I thank them for such a great opportunity!
Anyway, I still shoot a lot of the boating scene here on the river but, now I split my time between the dirt and the water. A couple months ago while at the BITD Henderson 250 I got a chance to chat with Matt Martelli of Mad Media and was honored to get the invite to shoot for them the following weekend at the SNORE Rage At The River. It was a great learning experience for me and as such I was stoked to receive an invite to once again shoot for the great crew at Mad Media for the second annual UTV World Championship!
It was a non stop busy weekend but, what an amazing event! From the parties to tech and contingency and of course race day, UTV Underground, Mad Media, and BITD put on a first class event! I would recommend the event to anyone, even if they've never heard of a UTV, in fact especially if they've never heard of a UTV. This event really captures all great things about the UTV community. Theres families, friends, competition, and of course a ton of fun. Kudos to everyone who put on a great event and thanks to Mad Media and the Martelli brothers for letting me tag along!

Here are some shots I gathered over the weekend along with a link to the gallery on my webpage...

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Jan 12, 2014
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Beautiful pictures. That car in picture number 5 is awesome! haha. I'll have to look through your gallery and order up some prints when I have time.


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May 24, 2013
Is there a Feature Vehicle or thread that has info on the #960 build? Badass.

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May 13, 2012
That build thread has some big gaps and does not show the details of the RedLands car. It does not show the front & rear of the chassis being cut off and totally redesigned, or the 1st & 2nd suspension design. The steering itself is a work of art. Its one of those cars you just have to see, and even then you will miss much of the small details in it. There truly is no other UTV like it.

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