IXRC round 4


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May 25, 2009
Mud, mud and more mud.

Round four of the IXCR - Cross Country Racing We got some more of this good clean fun action. This is was by far one of the funnest Tracks that we have ran on this year. Due to the condition it took longer than normal to get the quads off the track but that meant more time to meet new people at the starting line. Met Chad Shumaker and Doug Southworth that do a new pod cast Eminent Performance also are part of the MWXC series. If you haven't already go check out there page and the pod cast. Tyler Bex was my co driver again for this round and set are sights on having a great race. Off the line on a nice grassy section we would jump into the woods that had a nice off camber section with the mud meant we were meeting trees that we didn't want to. This quickly became the normal whenever hitting the brakes and you would slide like you were on ice. found our way to the first large hill with stuck Racers on it we quickly found a alternative and let the GBC Motorsports Dirt Commanders do what they do best find traction and get us to the top. With some slippery down hills and a couple of trees later we were back on track and catching up to the guys ahead of us. After Round 3 we had a Crack in the radiator and SolderWeld got me set up with there alloy sol and was able to fix the stock radiator before the race. We caught another racer and gaining on the next one then temps started to rise again when the fan stopped coming on. Limp mode struck again. Got out of the woods and pulled over to let it cool down. Now on the side and watching everyone we just got around and the rows that started after us go by. we jumped out and started checking the fan connections. No dice fan was not coming on and temps were showing 240+ still. As we tried again and again to get the fan on and temps down the fan finally came on again and temps quickly fell down. We jumped in buckled up and hit the track for some more clean fun. The Spangs Fab LLC Rock sliders were going back to work keeping the rear of the Polaris RZR off the trees. The BOLD Racing shocks were keeping us on course and socking up everything the track could throw at us. Unfortunately high temps and limp mode would put an end to our day a little early.

Big thanks to all my Sponsors and everyone that helps me out.

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