First UTV...need help deciding!!


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Jun 7, 2015
I have ridden atc's, atv's and dirt bikes for decades. I currently own a 2015 sportsman 570 for snow plowimg/light yard work on our 20 acre property. I am parting out my 70whp Raptor 700 ATV as the motor popped two years back and after buying a yamaha r1 motor to install, lost the time to invest to finish the project so am getting rid of it completely. I'd like to plan some trips to the badlands in Indiana, the hatfield\mccoy trails, and most often, my friends 500 acre property in wisconsin which is 80% rolling grasssy trails. And 20% ATV trails (most of which a UTV would be fine on, width wise).

So, I'm coming from a performance background but now need to be able to have wife and child (4.5 year old) in tow. I have VERY limited experience in UTV's with the only one I've ever driven being a 2010 rzr 800 S 4 seater which was fairly fun but felt extremely long, and the engine a bit taxed, even with just two riders while riding open ground in wisconsin.

Where do I start? I can sell the sportsman as long as the new ride is plow capable. I don't plan to do much actual work with the UTV, outside of plowimg and pulling a small trailer to haul firewood out of the woods. I want a UTV that can fit all 3 of us for trails and some faster pace pasture riding in Wisconsin. I may take it once a year to the dunes as well. I have a passion for performance but budget is a factor. I'd like to stay under 15,000 new or used. I am not sure if I should go 4 seater, or do a 2 seater with a jump seat for the little one? As such as I'd like to buy a basic rzr 800 for 6-7k, Im not sure I'd be happy with it, performance wise.

The new yamaha's are right down my alley but, seem to be better suited to dunes instead of trails, due to being so high strung and having a tall first bear.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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