Polaris East Cost 2018 Dynamix 4 Seater Build

Nate Schroeder

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Feb 11, 2018
We started this build in early January and have now just finished it. A little backstory first. We are from the Cleveland, Ohio area and have been offroading our entire lives. We recently were able to get in touch with HMF Performance and decided to get a cage built by them and a few other goodies for our newest addition, a 2018 Polaris RZR Turbo Dynamix Edition. We mainly ride in southern West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maine, and other east coast locations, but have recently been traveling out west to ride more. This build was a mix between what we saw when riding out west, and the practicality of riding in the forest the majority of the time. We did an entire build thread on RZRForums.net from start to finish, however this is just the final results. We hope you enjoy the progress we made and what we done to the machine. Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments, we would love to hear some feedback.

Here are some detailed shots of all the parts used in the build along with the little details.

Front: Assault Hellfire Grille, HMF IQ Defender Bumper, Seizmik Mirrors, Polaris Engineered Glass Windshield.

Front Suspension: HCR OEM Dual Sport Replacement Kit, Assault Tie Rods.

Wheels and Tires: Method 401 Beadlocks wrapped in a 32x10x14 Kanati Mongrel.

Side and Doors: SDR Hi-Bred Doors, welded in tree bars.

Interior: Custom Spec'd PRP GTSE Seats, PRP 4.2 auto latches, PCI Trax 4 System, Ottraw Switches, Polaris Ride Command, Pawltector Parking Brake, Dynojet Powervision CX Tuner, Overhead Storage Compartment.

Rear: Rigid D-SS Flood Lights, Custom LED Running Lights, 5150 Whips, Assault UTV Fire Extinguisher Kit, HMF Titan QS Blackout Exhaust.

Rear Suspension: Assault High Clearance Radius Rods, Custom Sway Bar Endlinks, HMF IQ Rear Tire Carrier, Factory UTV Skidplate.

Now for some sunset shots.

We are heading down the Hatfield and McCoy on Wednesday for a shakedown. Wish us luck!


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Jul 13, 2018
This thing turned out great. You make some great choices on parts. Let us know how it holds up after some punishment!

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