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  • Didnt SDR install your suspension? When was it installed? I had my buddy mess with my suspension and he said I had no Nitrogen in the shocks! Magnum offroad I know is good @ tunning suspensions but they are in Vista!
    Hey whats up man! I finally got my Rhino back to running 100%. Beside the motor problems, anothers major issue I had was the foam in my aftermarket fuel cell was disolving into small pieces and cloggin-up my fuel line and fuel filter. (I installed the foam late last year because it was recommened to install) The Pro Shop dose good work and they are cool peeps! I went 2 El Mirage yesterday and hit 64 MPH! I high recommend them. I remember you sayin about goin to get some work motor work done over the summer right? Talk to the owner John and he'll take care of you.
    I dropped it off two weeks ago and they have not touched it yet. They have some other customer's vehicle 2 knock-out first. They have some bad-ass quads there! Paul let me drive one of there standard 686 rhino and that thing felt WAY powerful then mine! They dont know exactly what is wrong with my rhino but they said they would figure it out. I just hope it dose not cost me and arm and a leg. :eek: I am not in a hurry to get it done but I hope to have it done before the UTVUG Ocotillo Wells trip @ the end of April.
    Thanks bro! Yea he only got to live for 5 month. He passed away 2 years ago. It was a horrible journey but he in a better place........... I called John @ proshop and he said he can take care of me but I have been super busy to drop it off! I need to get it fixed and go riding before I go insane! LOL
    Keep me posted on ur rhino fix & the next time u head out.
    I will definately be in the dez for presidents day weekend,
    most likely Ocotillo pending weather conditions.
    Good luck!
    O ya whats up man! I am debating where to take my rhino. I keep hearing good things about Pro Shop. I do not know of anyone heading to Ocotillo anytyme soon but I know they are heading to Johnson Valley for the KOH event in 2 weeks but the UTV race is on Thursday. I gotta work! Me and a couple of friends from the forumn might be planning a group ride to Barstow/Stoddard Wells after I get the Rhino running 100%. You should join us!
    no personal experiance, but I have heard good things about them and they are local. home

    they are a sponsor at the rhino addiction forum.

    Also you may want to try Tim at SDR, they are in Riverside as well.
    Tim did my entire Teryx build. I met u in Ocotillo over Thanksgiving at your camp,
    I have the black with candy red Teryx.
    SDR Motorsports

    once u get up and running I would like to try and hook up for ride.
    Any one going to Ocotillo over presidents day weekend?
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