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    Polaris XP 1000 quick ratio steering rack

    Sweet, thanks. I'll give them a call.
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    Polaris XP 1000 quick ratio steering rack

    Does anyone know if there is a quick ratio 1:1 steering rack (1 full turn lock to lock) for an xp1000 available? I don't have the space on my build for a quickener on the steering shaft. Thanks!
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    All UTV's Motocross tracks that allow UTV's

    Do you guys know of any MX tracks that allow utv's for practice/testing in California/Arizona/Nevada/Utah? I know Milestone and Glen Helen said they do a few days a week on their website. Anywhere else?
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    2016 WORCS Racing Rules! Turbos Addressed!

    I like it! This series is just going to keep growing and growing
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    Any racers out of Las Vegas?

    You just need a firesuit, helmet, and 5 point harnesses. Everything else is optional, they run things pretty simple, it's awesome.
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    Any racers out of Las Vegas?

    Start in the sportsman class, the rules are on their website. It's a no points class that you basically just need doors, nets, and fire extinguisher. That's where I started, just to get my feet wet and see if I liked the series. I loved it and jumped all the way in.
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    suspension on short track

    Here's a question... Do you guys run your setting as low and stiff for the WORCS stuff? I've been trying to figure out the right balance for the mx sections and off-road sections. I getting to the point where I'm say screw it and keep going tighter compression for the mx tracks. Do you slow...
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    Any racers out of Las Vegas?

    We'll definitely have to keep in touch and get something going. I have my car back together now and am planning on finishing off WORCS Glen Helen and Primm. I'm always up for getting as much testing and seat time ad possible until then. There's starting to be a pretty solid group of racers in...
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    How will the new "game changer cars" affect the current cars and class?

    I couldn't agree with you more Joey. It makes no sense that while the manufacturers offer a 1000 base model and an optional turbo motor, that the Pro Production classes wouldn't be for the N/A cars and Unlimited class for turbo cars, etc. I'd be fine with this changing once (and if) the...
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    Feature Vehicle: Jesi Stracham's Polaris Ace

    They didn't mess around with that build! I love the dual steering quickeners, must be touchy!
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    UTVUnderground Presents: 2015 WORCS Round 4 Lake Havasu VIDEO

    That's too funny, the cover shot definitively shows how broken my front end of my Wildcat was! Barely made it back to the trailer haha. Looking forward to watching this tonight!
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    Any racers out of Las Vegas?

    That's awesome. I spend a lot of time out in Parowan. Do you guys plan on having more sxs events out there? I ran the last WORCS race you guys did, it was awesome.
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    2015 WORCS just around the corner...

    Hey anytime. The guys at D&P Performance in Cedar City, Utah built mine. They did an awesome job and we have a lot of different systems we've tried. Let me know if you want my contact info and I can help you guys out. James
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    2015 WORCS just around the corner...

    Ok guys, with the WORCS season starting here in about two weeks, who's all coming out? I raced a few to get my feet wet last year, got totally hooked and am committing to the whole season. I'm racing the Production 1000 class with my #939 Wildcat that Joey ran an article on...
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    All UTV's Tensor Tire - Anyone tried these?

    I found these new tires at the last worcs race, they look like they'd work pretty well! Like Mongrels but with a little more of a flat contact patch. I'm curious if any of you guys have tried them? I'm about due for some new rubber for next worcs season...

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