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    Best UTV for highway use and daily extended street driving

    Anything without a CVT. They cannot run for a sustained time without blowing belts. They need to constantly change speeds. I think the YXZ is your best bet. The new Honda Talon is coming out..could also be an option.
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    Most reliable UTV for first time buyer! NEED HELP!

    Have you looked at John Deere?
  3. Bruce

    My Final Story | Joey D. // UTVUnderground

    See you around.....
  4. Bruce

    An Epic Battle, An Epic Ending...

    Amazing story.
  5. Bruce

    Pre-Running Opens for the 2018 SCORE San Felipe 250

    No I am not. I have been before but work prohibits it this year. Hope you had a good trip. It would be good to see you and the Wildcat on the podium.
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    Pre-Running Opens for the 2018 SCORE San Felipe 250

    What machine are you running..if you're not at championsip you must not be afront runner Why?
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    Best utv for trail riding?

    Wildcats still not taking off...sorry Tatum
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    Best utv for trail riding?

    You cant go wrong with Rzr or Can am. Avoid unproven wildcats.
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    Chad Ragland | Race In Peace.....

    RIP Chad. Thoughts and prayers are with your family. Nicely done J23.
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    Best utv for trail riding?

    I have no experience with the wildcat. I have had Polaris and still have an XPT. Many friends have gone to Can Am and are happy. Polaris and Can Am are both good machines. You get what you pay for most times.
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    UTV Truck Style Tires

    Over a 1000 hard miles on Tensor Regs. Still loving this tire.
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    The 30" vs. 32"- Thoughts on Both

    That thing came out looking great. Nice build
  13. Bruce

    New Bump Steer Delete (BSD) Tie rod kit for X3 is here!

    Look forward to seeing the Polaris results..
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    The Ultimate UTV Trailer

    I use both types. I have an enclosed TPD and a Big Tex open. I very much agree with Joey D. DON'T LEND YOUR TRAILERS TO FRIENDS. Argggh! And maintenance is key to longevity.

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