WORCS South Point ROUND 3 Q&A


Jan 9, 2009
North County San Diego
WORCS South Point ROUND 3 Q&A


This will be an incredible "EVENT" and it will be one of the best of the 2016 WORCS season. Many things are different so keep that in mind and just have fun attending the most unique race on the West Coast. The race format is such that you can race as many classes as you like.

1. When do I need to book my room by?
Jan 24, 2016. Click here.

2. Where do I go when I first show up?
There will be very good race signage off of Las Vegas Blvd. Follow the signs and they will direct you easily no matter how big your rig.
3. I heard there is no camping. That is correct you must stay either at the South Point Casino & Resort and book prior to Jan 24 for the cheaper rooms or stay somewhere else. Staying at the hotel will be the best experience.
All rooms must be booked by Jan 24 to get the low WORCS rates. By staying at the casino you help ensure our return in 2017. Use this link. Click here
If you are unsure if you will attend we recommend that you book your hotel and then cancel it at no charge if needed. This hotel will book up as it has every weekend for the past 2 years.

4. Can I bring my motorhome and park it?Yes, at no cost, there is a 5 acre parking lot that you will have access to the entire weekend that is patrolled by security. Security will be making sure no one is there beyond10pm on race nights. Your coach will stay parked there the entire weekend. There is no need to move.

5. I want to drive my truck only.You can leave all your items in the stall paces under the convention center. It is climate controlled and very, very clean. You can rent a stall or put your stuff in the aisles. The entire area is under gun packing security guard protection and gets locked down at 10 pm each night.

6. Is there stall rentals?
Yes, you can rent a 10x10 locked stall for $45 for the weekend upon arrival. They offer great access to the race area, registration and the arenas. If you have ever raced an arena cross event, you may have used the stalls. Bring a regular lock. The entire area is under gun packing security guard protection and gets locked down at 10 pm each night.

7. Where do I wash my motorcycle, ATV or SXS?
Either at your RV in the dirt parking lot or indoors. There are wash bays in the climate controlled stall spaces. A SXS car will fit in them.

8. How much is race entry?
All entries are $60 for amateur entries and 45 for youth entries. However, practice and unclassified are the same cost as normal at $25 each.

Weekend tickets. We suggest that you purchase your tickets online during your race registration. They do get the Nevada LETT tax applied since they are part of the entry. Day pass bands are $15 and Weekend Pass tickets are $25.

9. When does the event begin?
Pre-entry package pick up will begin at 2pm on Thursday Feb 25. Practice will begin Friday morning Feb 26 and there is two days of racing. Racing will go late into Saturday night for the evening show. The Saturday night show will have all the Pro MC, Pro ATV and SXS Pro class under the lights. Event Schedule Link

10. What will the track be like.
The course will be about 4 minutes long. It consists of 3 stadium areas and an outdoor loop. Check out the 3D images of the course that one our racers created for us.

11. Will it be like Enduro Cross?
No. It will be thrilling like that format but very amateur friendly. There is a moto section, sand track section, flat track arena, outdoor motocross area and some minor obstacles for the off-road feel.

13. Should I pre-enter?
YES, YES. Some classes will fill up and members get first priority if they pre-enter.

14. What is the MotoCon Expo?
It is a chance for other vendors to interact with our racers. It is a great enhancement to our WORCS event. More info can be found here. Click here.


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Mar 8, 2015
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Any Vegas racers attending this? Racing an arena in Vegas is like a dream come true of sorts, I remember watching Mickey T at Silver Bowl as a kid thinking someday I would race.

Roll Call Vegas. Whose going?

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