Jan 9, 2009
North County San Diego

2016 is going to be the most exciting year ever in WORCS racing history! Our newest venue at South Point Casino is going to be a great indoor/outdoor race experience that will give our racers a taste of stadium racing. The crowd cheering you on is something that has to be lived to be understood. Our permit for Lake Havasu has expired so we are going to make the most of it. We will be running dual Round weekends for each side of the WORCS program. ATV/SXS have the first weekend and Motorcycles only have the second weekend. You will get more racing this weekend at Havasu than anytime in WORCS history. Then we go to the High Sierra's about 1.5 hours out of Sacramento for our Blue Mountain Event Center location for Motorcycles and ATV's Only. No SXS's at Rnd 7.

There are a number of updates to the program so please take the time to look this whole email over and make sure you are understand. The schedule below has had one minor change for Rnd 8 at Iron Mine which will now be May 27-29.

MOTORCYCLE CHANGES We have added a Team Race for each Saturday as the last event. Review the proposed weekend schedule below to see changes with class groupings as some classes have been moved around by request. MOTORCYCLE RULE BOOK

ATV CHANGES There are only two changes. First is the merging of the Pro and Pro Am classes for the Sunday Pro Races. The overall standings will determine the podium for this event and Maxxis contingency and Pro payback will be paid based off the overall results. The classes will be scored for National Championships separately. All entry fees will be the same cost. The second change is the a couple of youth classes have been deleted and or moved. Review the proposed weekend schedule below to see changes with class groupings.

YOUTH SXS CHANGES Please reference the updated rule book by clicking the link below. For the youth classes there are two changes. The entry level class has had the CC's raised from 200cc to 250cc. Youth can now race a 700cc unit begining at age 12. This means that there are two classes that they can now race. One that is 12-16 years only and one that is with the adults as the 700 Production class. Review the proposed weekend schedule to see changes with class groupings.

ADULT SXS CHANGES Please reference the updated rule book by clicking the link below. There are a number of changes for Adult classes. Review the proposed weekend schedule below to see changes with class groupings.The MavTv show will begin production at Rnd 1. There are 2 slots available for the program.
  • There will be two classes for Turbo Cars to race. One is Pro Unlimited and the other is Production Turbo 1000 and both will maintain the open classification. Meaning that racing Pro Unlimited does not make you a pro only driver for 2016.
  • All 900cc and down cars will race together and the Women's class will race with this group as well.
  • Race entry fees for SXS will be Adult classes will be $85 and $125 for Pro.
  • The stock class definition has been modified slightly so reference the rule book link below.

Here is the latest and greatest from the world of Off Road Sports home office. Below is the finalized 2016 schedule.

Notice the Rnd 8 date change at Iron Mine.

WORCS Final 2016 Schedule
Rnd 1 Jan 8-10 Honolulu Hills Taft, CA
Rnd 2 Jan 29-30 Buffalo Bills Primm, NV
Rnd 3 Feb 26-28 South Point Casino Las Vegas, NV
Rnd 4/5 March 19-20 SXS/ATV ONLY * Crazy Horse Lake Havasu, AZ
Rnd 4/5 March 26-28 MC ONLY* Crazy Horse Lake Havasu, AZ
Rnd 6 April 15-17 Sand Hollow Hurricane, UT
Rnd 7 May 6-8 MC/ATV ONLY * Blue Mountain Wilseyville,CA
Rnd 8 May 27-29
Iron Mine Cedar City, UT
Rnd 9 September 16-18 Glen Helen Devore, CA
Rnd 10 October 21-23 Buffalo Bills Primm, NV

*Special Notes*
Rounds 4 & 5, Havasu Rounds ATV/SXS or MC only will count as two separate rounds. One on Saturday. One on Sunday each paying full points.
Round 7 will be MC/ATV ONLY with no SXS.
There is no camping for Round 3 as it will be held at South Point Casino. Hotel Reservations can be made WORCS Racing.com

Back by Popular Demand!!! Bring a Racer and Save! If you bring a new racer to WORCS, you get a bonus! One entry for you is 50% off and the racer you bring gets 50% off one entry. You do not need this coupon to get the discount. Just remember that a new racer is someone that did not race in 2015 and the two of you must sign up at the race at the same time. This offer is not limited in times used. Bring a new racer to each race and save each time! All Classes are eligible.


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