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Jan 9, 2009
North County San Diego
Well, I have hid this ol' girl for quite a while now. It has gone through many transformations and now its going through one more. I like to freshen her up as often as I can.

The truck is a 99' Ford F250 Lariat 4x4 7.3 PSD. She now has 260K miles on her. I put a fresh trans in it about 5K miles ago. Other than that and the standard starter and alternator this truck has been solid!

We put a fresh flat black wrap on it from ProLineWraps and installed some new 17" Walker Evans Racing Beadlock wheels with 33" BFG KO A/T tires. I know, it would have looked better with 35's, but I like the ride and gas mileage keeping it closer to stock. Suspension wise it has a front leveling kit but the front spring pack is so worn out you can't barely tell any longer. I fear the spring pack may have to get replaced but I love how smooth she rides with it this way. I have Walker Evans Racing adjustable shocks all the way around as well and they have worked great!

We recently did the chase rack which was built by Richer Racing in Oceanside, CA. I didn't want a bunch of stuff on it, it was mainly for the roof rack and to put some lights in it. I wanted the bed to still be fully useable as we like to put UTVs in it when we can.

Currently we have a 50" E-Series Rigid light across the roof. We have a handful of the SR's on the front bumper which are turned on via our "brights" switch on the column. I am adding a 42" E-Series across the front of the rack, a 30" single row on the rear of the rack and an SR10 on each side. This along with a new stereo system is all being wired in now at Wired For Sound in Temecula. Once thats done I'll shoot some pics of the interior to show you how we have our 100w Rugged Race Radio and Elite 5M Lowrance GPS set up in it. Its super clean and was done a couple years ago also by wired for sound.

The truck has custom interior done by BEARD and also has a ViAir on board air compressor.

I have some new side mirrors to mount on it too, they are 2006/7 style I think, the square set up.

She's an ol' girl but she still looks great and works great. It will be out at the UTV World Championship. I will post more pics ASAP.

2015-utvunderground-truck001.jpg 2015-utvunderground-truck002.jpg 2015-utvunderground-truck003.jpg 2015-utvunderground-truck004.jpg 2015-utvunderground-truck005.jpg

Cisco Kid

Puro Corazon - UTVUnderground La Famila
Apr 17, 2009
I like it, I just put some 07 SQ mirrors on a 2000 f250, got them with the side lights on them, we just had to wire them up and good to go ;-)

We also installed the 05 headlights a bit of cutting the back plastic and good to go ;-)

I will try and get pic of before and after ;-)
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Cisco Kid

Puro Corazon - UTVUnderground La Famila
Apr 17, 2009
K lets try this ;-)

Before 2000 headlights and Mirrors ;-)

After 05 headlights and 07 Mirrors that single and running lights work ;-)

Cisco Kid

Puro Corazon - UTVUnderground La Famila
Apr 17, 2009
Yup same here ;-)

Did you make the running and signal lights work on the mirror ;-)

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