SR1, whos bulding one?


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Mar 15, 2009
I'm running the 12" ones right now in the rear - the smaller ones up front.....better flotation in the dunes. We were originally thinking that limiting the tire width to 10" would promote a little more wheelspin, putting less pressure on the drive components and bike tranny. The kit was holding up so well, however, that we thought we'd try these out before next season to see if there ARE any adverse effects to the wider tire. If they don't seem to hurt anything, we will probably change to a limit of 12" wide......I still have some more testing to do on them, but so far so good. This is another reason we are happy to have more and more SR1's running's good to get racer feedback with slightly different setups, and to see if anyone has an advantage over anyone else that may need to be addressed before the start of the season.


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Nov 11, 2009
are the weller uprights done yet? i want to do the swap but dont wanna buy gear one hubs


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Mar 15, 2009
They are almost done, I think. They look pretty cool!

junior quisquis

Hey Corry, I just have a Question. How are we going to be equal on the track if I have an 03 R1 and Someone has a 05 R1.

I know its my fault for not researching more but I already bought a 2003 r1 motor. I just noticed by reading up that a 2003 has 150 hp and a 2005 has 180 hp. I think that will make a difference on the track. Can you clear this up for me.

junior quisquis

Corry said an 08 dynoed only 10 hp more than the 02 in her rhino. The 02/03 has more low end and lower gearing. Youll be fine! I think Yamahas HP numbers are a little inflated anyways. :)
Is that on record any where or word of mouth. I am a person that likes to see paper or charts. I'm not saying that I don't believe her but I know a few more hp can make a difference.

If there is any dyno charts maybe somebody can post. I have rode 02,03, and 08 r1's and I noticed a difference in hp.

Im noticing some back and forth things. If the vision is to have equal cars and be a drivers class then it needs to be even strait across.

If its going to be a sr1 race class with different year motors then its just another class of utv's and whoever finds little ways to pull ahead (10 hp) then lets not call it a drivers class because its not.

Not trying to start a fight or an argument and maybe its me but this is not a drivers class.

junior quisquis

Well, to address Junior's post, I'd like to share my vision of what this class will mean. Here we are....all lined up and ready to race. I'm looking at the Rhino to my left, and to my right....and the ones lined up in front and behind me. I am thinking to myself.....I'm going to have to drive my a$$ off today, but I have a great shot at the podium. For ONCE, I'm not thinking "wow, my motor isn't as big or powerful as so-and-so's, but maybe I can make the podium if some people break" I'm not thinking "hmmm.....that guys running a CBR 1000....wonder if the torque is better or different? Wonder if he's got more power than I do?" I'm not thinking "I sure wish I could afford a 2010 Kawi v-twin" :)
Here is the issue I have Wild Earp. And I think you need to stop putting your foot in your mouth every time your answering for corry.

Here is Corry's Quote. I read this and thought dam I have thought this so much and thats why I stopped racing because I couldn't afford it.

Any body that understands about racing knows 10hp makes a difference. Im saying that this post and class of racing keeps contradicting itself by calling it a drivers/spec class when its a 1000cc utv class. So say and call it what you will but I'm just pointing out the obvious.

And buy a 08 r1 and problem fixed, Ya right what about the guy that still has the 03 that I would be smoking. I have an advantage over him A little 10 hp advantage.

I don't want to argue over this just making it clear.


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Jan 25, 2009
Mesa, AZ
i think you are splitting hairs at this level. if you were talking about 40-70hp cvt motors then 10hp is a big advantage. but here you are talking about 140+hp and 10 hp difference is not that huge.

besides all the racing i have seen and been in. the winner is the guy who's car lasts the whole race and can go through the course the fastest. so if you have 30 extra hp and poor driving skills or an un-tunned suspension system you dont have any advantage. but if you have a great tunned car and some skills with a newer motor and 10-30 more hp, you are the man and have a great race car and future ahead of you.

most of the time the top guys take themselves out due to pushing the envelope of the machine.

so build a car race it and try to stay together langer thsn the guy in front of you so you can take his position. then if you need more hp put some seat time in and tune the shit out of your suspension. suspension tunning goes a long way.

just think about the rhino and tyrex guys that have big motors and pisspoor suspension. and then look at Rog who has a single lung rhino motor with a perfected car and suspension.

in my opinion you are splitting hairs and worring about 10hp. hell i should be upset that i am building a RZR with a SR1 kit and i am not allowed to race in the SR1 class. aw damn now you got me all pissed off again.grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Wild Earp

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Here is the issue I have Wild Earp. And I think you need to stop putting your foot in your mouth every time your answering for corry.
Alrighty then. Not sure what you mean there, but ok. You quoted my post, I responded. All of this has been bickered back and forth a month ago, and then again two weeks ago. No need to rehash it all again here. Not sure what I put my foot in my mouth about..

Oh, and my SR1 is almost done. Doing all the work myself, and I have a 05 motor, and I guarantee Corry's 02 will kick my ass. But atleast I dont have to worry about replacing a $5000 686 if I blow it up! Im here to have fun.

Wild Earp

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...not since the early 70s has a motor manufacturer made a new model year motor with less HP than the previous year. Did you really think that a 03 was going to be exactly the same HP as a 08 motor? You really think yamaha cant squeeze a few more HP out of a motor over the course of 6 years?

cls 78

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Feb 3, 2009
I don't want to get into an arguement here at all. But I will share the personal experience that I do have with these motors. I am new to all of the sxs stuff at the racing level, so I won't speak to facts of how these cars react to power in a racing environment. I do have a R1 rhino that I completed about a year- year and a half ago, and I love the power it makes. I run a 2005 R1.

To get back on point. I have competed with the California Lightning Sprint club for 4 years, and we run 1000-1200cc motors. I will say in the circle track world with the streetbike motors 10hp made a difference (big difference) and I invested alot of money into my motor in the mini sprint to get the maximum horsepower we could achieve. Not to confuse I was running a 2002 Kawasaki ZX12 motor. (its not the motor in my rhino)

Open for discussion: 5-10hp in circle track racing made a difference because we ran the cars in 2nd gear only. Only shifted on starts/restarts. So the power at peak rpm down the straightaways was magnified??

Maybe in sxs racing this won't be as noticeable because we will shift through the gears and won't be constantly banging the rev limiter??

Note: The general opinions from the circle track guys is the 02-03 motors are a little down on power compared to the 04-06 motors. 07-08 have had some overheating issues when run on gas. Take it for what it's worth, the circle track racing does put these motors near or at redline for 20+ laps of racing.

Hope this helps

Mike V.


Jan 9, 2009
It is a 7.7% increase. Lets not turn this into a pissing match. Setup is just as important as power. Back in the Old school racing days we raced with a stock motor, CDI and Filter. Our car always finished 3rd or 4th. Chad, Todd and those had double our power and double the problems. If you dont cross the finish you end up with nothing..

Here is some good info pulled from internet.



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Jan 15, 2009
Alpine, CA
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