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Jun 28, 2017
Not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but I have a serious question that has happened to me.

I recently decided to purchase my first side by side. I found a Polaris 900 xp in great condition from the looks of photos. I decided to go to the business to see it in person. We fired it up and took it for a ride and it seemed fine. We asked the best he would take for it and he wouldn't budge on the price. So We asked if there was anything wrong with it at all. He said they had it in the shop and looked all over it and they didn't see or hear anything. So we decided to take it for that price.

I ran it on our property not even 3 days and everytime I would throw it in reverse it would slip gears. So I had called them up and they said it was sold as is and but they said I could take it back to them and they would check it out. Now I decided to take it to our local dealer instead which he dropped the tranny and checked internally and found out the rear gear was stripped and pieces flew into the rear differentials and high gear so all three need replaced.

Now the question is, is there anything that can be done to the business that originally sold me the side by side? or anything I can do period? or do I just got to suck it up and pay for it and learn from the lesson?


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Sep 21, 2014
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If they sold it as-is then you are out of luck. Not much you can do. Honestly with these machines, things can break at any time so 3 days worth of riding could have resulted in the damage especially if you are new to these machines. It may even seem like you "didn't do anything". Now if you were backing it off the trailer as soon as you got it and it was locked up then maybe you have something but as soon as you drive it you are done.

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Nov 14, 2014
when they said bring it back to them, taking it back to them may have given you more leverage with them. Now that you had another shop take it apart and just show the original shop pictures and said "here is what we found" they are more than likely going to tell you to go pound sand.

unfortunately thats a sticky situation. as i was reading your post i was thinking the reverse chain was stretched and slipping over the gear. which actually happens if you dont break the chain. breaking the chain is easy, backing it up onto a trailer will blow one straight thru the side cover. (seen it happen many times) any kinda load in reverse will snap the reverse chain. and if it happens when you are rolling, everything in there will munch up the reverse chain and pretty much everything is toast. with large mud tires we see this commonly, like once a week. thats common here for folks to break reverse chains and grenade the trans. i bet i see a half dozen at every mud ride event being towed back because of this.

so honestly you may have done it yourself and not realized it. or it could have been an ongoing issue you didnt realize. ive been on the receiving end of buying something i was sold as "perfect" and even when test driving it at their dealership on flat ground nothing was wrong. once i got it home and rode it and you put it under a load like on the side of a hill it wouldnt go anywhere forward or backward. some things you may not realize till you got it home and rode it under varying conditions. others may have been self inflicted and you not realize it.

carrying it back to the place of purchase would have had more leverage to have them fix it, maybe not full free replacement, but possibly free labor just pay parts kinda deal.
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May 24, 2013
Although not obligated, the shop would be more likely to help out if you had taken it back to them first. By taking it elsewhere, they can justify wiping their hands clean of the situation.

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