Polaris Parting out 2012 XP 900, tons of stuff!

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by RWB713, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. RWB713

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    Nov 19, 2018
    Aztec, NM
    Made the decision to part out my 2012 XP 900, anything & everything on it available. Tons of aftermarket parts, all OEM parts, plastics, everything, below is a list of a few things, but literally anything you want off it is for sale.

    All items ship from 87401 on your dime

    Rzr is located in Aztec, NM would meet within reasonable distance

    Pictures for anything available on request

    All parts have <1600 miles on them, some have much less (machine has 1600 miles total), was rode hard, but well maintained, and everything was upgraded upon failure

    If anyone is interested, I'd let the whole thing go as is for $5000, including every spare part i have, both sets of shocks, all OEM parts, everything 900 related i own, and would drive a decent distance to meet or deliver at that price. If it were in good running condition I'd ask 9000, so thats taking off 4000 for a new engine and assembly.

    Engine is from a 2011 and is in theory a brand new rebuild, bought it on Ebay, got burned, the top end needs rebuilt as the valves don't seat correctly, one valve dropped upon initial startup and hit the piston, piston is marked, but not terribly, bent valve has been replaced, doesn't look like the valve guides were replaced, bottom end seems to be in good shape, the pistons did look brand new when i had the head off, but i can't guarantee nothing about it really. It does currently start and run, but burns oil and has valve train noise. I honestly think a top end rebuild w/ valve seat work would fix it and it would run well, but like i say, it's an ebay burn on my part, so it is what it is. I'm just over messing with it. Make offer if interested and i can provide any further info you'd like.

    STI HD Beadlock wheels 14x8 w/ 30x10 ITP Bajacross (25% tread) $200 for all 4 tires and wheels

    2 95% ITP Bajacross 30x10 - $150

    Trinity Stage 5 exhaust $400 (300 miles)

    Zbros High clearance trailing arms $300

    Zbros High clearance radius rods $150 for all 4

    Zbros High Clearance +2" Forward A-arms $300

    Mastercraft Seats $250 for both

    CBR Radiator $100

    Complete ALBA fiberglass dash w/ tach, OP, Volts, Belt temp, OEM Gauge, switches, +12V outlet, USB Ports, IGN switch $500 complete (would break up and sell gauges individually)

    Rhino Axles approx 600 miles on them $50 each

    Wave brake rotors approx 600 miles on them $25 each

    Rigid Industries grille w/ opening for 10" SR $50

    Full Factory UTV Skid plates $250

    LSR Radius Rod Plate $25

    Billet Sway Bar Links $25

    2" Crow 4 point harnesses $50 for all 4

    OEM Electronic Power Steering Unit $400

    Primary Clutch < 100 miles (Polaris # 1322971) $200

    Secondary Clutch 1400 miles (Polaris #1322946) $75

    OEM Fox Shocks approx 650 miles on them $750 for all 4

    OEM Trailing Arms $250

    OEM Control Arms $300

    Alba Racing Fuel Controller $125 Shipped

    Exit Shocks (Zbros) $1500 for all 4

    Rugged Radio Comm System $500

    Rackzilla Steering Rack and HD Tie Rods $250

    OEM trans 1400 miles, works perfect $500

    Anything else on it you need, just let me know and we'll work out a deal, any questions about anything, want any specific pictures, let me know.

    I haven't sold much on here, but I'll be as honest & up front as possible about anything & everything. not looking to screw anyone or make any bad deals, been on the receiving end of that too much lately and I hold pride in my name. I just want to get this thing out of my hair and get my garage space back!

    IMG_5479.JPG IMG_5483.JPG IMG_5487.JPG IMG_5496.JPG IMG_5499.JPG
  2. RWB713

    RWB713 New Member

    Nov 19, 2018
    Aztec, NM
    Machine Has Been Sold
  3. JeffRZR

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    Apr 24, 2019

    Do you still have the wheels and tires for sale and the seat belts.


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