NEW SSV Works Commander/ Maverick overhead audio system.

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Sep 29, 2011
Oxnard, CA.
**Now Available and Shipping!**fits Can-Am Commander and Maverick - 2/4 seats

New Features:
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for wireless integration with over 30' of range
  • New high power Class D Amplifier with increased efficiency
  • New SSV Works speakers with increased power handling
  • New Gunmetal Grey dock finish
  • New Gunmetal Grey speaker finish
The WP-CMO4 provides Hi-Def stereo sound and mounts overhead to your stock cage; Installs in 15 minutes with a simple 2 wire hook up and is totally weather proof. No more radios. Simply dock your iPod or iPhone into the water tight locker. System features a charging dock for iPod and iPhone with built-in 50 watt x4 ultra-efficient low power consumption digital amp designed around UTV's charging system, waterproof speakers, includes FM tuner for local radio reception with internal FM antenna. Like all SSV Works systems, the enclosure is constructed of fiberglass for maximum durability and the best sound quality. All systems include wiring, mounting hardware and step-by-step instructions. - Optional RCA low-level output for system expansion (requires WP-HRCA adapter)

For more information, please click the following link.
SSV Works - Side by Side Vehicle Specialists

Order yours today 818-991-1778

New 4 Speaker add on.
**Now Available and Shipping!**
fits Can-Am Maverick Maxx 4-seat New Features:

  • New SSV Works speakers with increased power handling
  • New Gunmetal Grey speaker finish
Can-am Maverick Maxx 4-seat 4 Speaker add on Unit (use with WP-CMO4)

Increase the output of your WP-CMO4 overhead audio system. Provides hi-def stereo sound by adding 4 more 6.5" marine speakers to your speakers staged directly over the rear passenger's heads. The amplifier in your main unit is 50x4. This add on utilized the 2nd half of that amplifier. Includes brackets, hardware and instructions. Simply wire in speaker harness to your current unit then connect to the speaker add-on. Works with most roofs.

For more information on the two speaker add on, please visit the following link.
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