New law requiring helmets in california


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Jan 20, 2009
Arroyo Grande, CA
It's really quite sad how they are destroying the family aspect of the sport. I think in reality we could all handle wearing helmets if we truly had to, but restrict the kids and family members from participating and you have yourself a problem. It continues to happen, (first the lead law) now this.


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Jan 20, 2009
Arroyo Grande, CA
We spend big bucks for roll cages and restraints and I see the Helmet thing as a straw dog as the head injuries on trail rides is nil! It should be my choice not the governments unless they will require Car Drivers to wear them and 5 point belts!:mad:
Would have to agree with you there Papa bear. Personally I wear a helmet, but that's just me being anal and used to it from riding Moto for so long. They have no right to force anyone into wearing a helmet on a utv. A motorcycle, yes, utv, NO.
Mar 31, 2010
Flagstaff, AZ
Just a side note I live in Flagstaff AZ on 5 Acres with access to the National Forest trails and the cinders and here you can ride your UTV Naked if you want with a hand gun strapped to your side... All are welcome


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Dec 4, 2009
Everyone is throwing kawasaki under the bus when most of the manufacturers belong to rohva.....Oh yes! EVEN POLARIS!

"To ensure your right to responsibly experience and enjoy public lands, ROHVA encourages you to sign up with ARRA, Americans for Responsible Recreational Access and NOHVCC, National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, a national body of OHV recreation enthusiasts that develops and provides a wide spectrum of programs, materials and information to individuals, clubs, associations and agencies in order to further a positive future for responsible OHV recreation.

The not-for-profit Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) is a source of information about the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle (ROV) industry.
ROHVA is dedicated to enhancing ROV safety awareness. ROHVA is sponsored by Arctic Cat, BRP, Kawasaki, Polaris, John Deere, and Yamaha."


Jan 9, 2009
If I can still ride a 3wheeler in the desert you bet your ass I am still driving my very safe 4 seat Rhino. I guess the only time my Rhino will spend in CA deserts is on trailer on my way out of this shit state to ride. I will be riding in AZ where logic prevails over legislature.



Jan 9, 2009
I am printing the paperwork now! CA once was the Golden State. Now it's "Going down the tubes" State


Jul 21, 2010
If you look at this law, much of it is in accordance with most of the posted safety stuff on UTVs these days. I agree with Jeff about the could be a matter of this. Rather than ban UTVs altogether, perhaps the ROHV worked with legislature to develop some of these laws? Purely speculation on my part....but it makes sense.

Helmet law? Really? How bad can this be? I wear a helmet in my SR1 when I'm riding recreationally does whoever is my passenger. I make my kids wear them in other people's UTVs. I see this as preserving my right to even BUY a UTV in the future, because if helmets are mandatory, it will result in FAR less injuries from people who are idiots and roll their UTVs while NOT wearing a helmet.

16 years or older as an operator? YES! I fully agree with this. Coming from someone who has watched countless little kids driving their parent's UTVs in the pits and at the dunes llike little terrors in camp while their parents aren't even around. It's a shame we couldn't police ourselves on this, but hey....I really am not upset by this one. Yes, there are some kids who can drive well, but the majority.......yeesh.

No additional non-OEM seats? I have never been a fan of aftermarket or home-made four-seater UTVs anyway. Weight bias is all wrong when it's not made from the factory that way......(except for a few really well done 4-seat XPs and RZRs that were stretched before Polaris actually made them) I have seen some things come through our shop that I would NEVER allow anyone to ride in.....can't say as I'm super upset about this one, either.

The feet on the floor dealio? Meh.....makes sense, since this, again, is something that UTV labels also strongly suggest.

Yeah, it sucks that more laws are being made to protect us from ourselves......if everyone had OUR common sense, it wouldn't be a problem. But everyone doesn't. And I'd much rather deal with these laws than have an entire industry that I love be banned (UTV's, in particular).

I'm sure this isn't a popular opinion, but it's not the end of the world. I'll be at the dunes this season in my SR1 with my helmet on and I'm sure I will still manage to have a LOT of fun! :)
450Grl your opinion is what it is and thank God you live somewhere you can express it right? But heres the thing. You did not fight for these issues to be passed. They were passed on your behalf while you were home sleeping because someone thinks you are to stupid to raise your kids.

Your OK with the law because YOUR kids wear helmet, YOUR kids can reach the floor and YOU dont like kids driving recklessly through camp and pitts. Fact is all these thing suit you and someone with the same one sided thought process as you thought it should be law without letting us make our own decision.

MY kids do not drive the Teryx, to bad for the people that spent $1000's on 170 RZR , might as well turn that to a riding mower. There is not a helmet to fit MY youngest. Matter of fact without going into details MY youngest has a condition that will NEVER allow here feet to reach the floorboard on any vehicle. Does that mean she should be banned from the desert her whole life? Maybe I should talk to the ADA. I dont want MY oldest in a helmet that will not allow her head to be in a full upright position or if she falls alseep in the back of the car and whip her neck around with the added weight.

On a final note I would put MY XMF 4seat conversion up against any peice of crap cage that comes stock on these production 4 seaters in a minute. We have all seen stock cage carnage.

Im not trying to be argumentative but this law has affected a family sport. My kids love going on cruises. My kids have learned to enjoy, preserve and explore nature. We are resposible the way we drive and camp. Some asshole in Sacramento has taken that FREEDOM from YOUR FAMILY AND MINE without our knowledge. Scarey state of affairs.


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Oct 7, 2010
Colorado Springs, Colorado
GOD i LOVE Colorado! I ride with my gun on my side. no helmet if i choose to do so, I did just take the seats out of the back of my Rhino, kids are in an RZR 170 now. WE are passing a law right now so that we can ride on all dirt roads even the ones maintaned by the state. I will say Colorado is pretty ATV/UTV friendly. But so was So Cal once.


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Feb 22, 2011
Huntington Beach
Adopt -a-trail isn't about just picking up papers and cleaning the forest. It's the forestry's way of listening to various groups their suggestions and what type of vehicals they drive also what types of laws that are in legislation and what forestry service plans to do. I said earlier about possible bans on UTV's in SB mountians . the ranger said " if we can't ticket it we ban it". Silverwood/ Miller Canyon staging area, as of right now, is up for renovation or closure . They're asking various Jeep club /AMA assoc for there suggestions. They would ask the utv groups but there is none. there is AAT MEETING AUGUST 15th sizzler in corona. off the 15 fwy. 1461 rimpau ave corona, ca. 6pm


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Jan 22, 2009
Goodyear Az
Great point, kids won't be able to even ride unless their feet can be flat on the floor! This is another way to break up the Family aspect of Off-Roading! They have done it with the riding double law, the safety certificate, the rest of the stupid ass laws! I am glad I changed my title and am street legal otherwise this would apply to me as well! If you would like to know how you can legally re-title your SXS PM me! It can be done and it is legal in all 50 states!;)
so being street legal you dont need a helmet? i am legal in AZ does and have a mc plate so i am fine cuz i hate helmets

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