Kawasaki Lonestar +5 XTR


Amsoil Arizona - UTVUnderground Approved
Jan 22, 2009
Let the madness begin! I'm pushing to get this done before I leave for Pres. Day @ Glamis...

Picked up the axles to get them done this past weekend and also picked up the shocks (Elka Elites). Got everything mounted as my arms were not done yet.

What a PITA the axles are!!! A complete MESS of grease!!! Anyone doing this need to know the tie-wrap trick. On the outer CV, there is a circlip that holds the outer CV on the axles...take a tie-wrp and tie it over the clip to keep it in place and compressed until the CV is over it...even with the tie-wrap it is still a pain, but they are all done!

Front axle assembly ready for install:

Front Shock in place:

Rear Shock in place:

Got the arms last night and spent the night is the garage...all I got left is to install the extended brake lines, bleed the system, set the toe-in and take her for a test ride!

I can't believe the amount of suspension I have now! Woot woot!

Ahhh, beautiful to finally have them:


Rear end done!

The front end was a little more difficult, I had one ball joint that didn't want to play nice! Took me a little while to press it in straight.

Almost done:

I had my rig up on jack stands (after pulling off the stock tires), with the new LT the hub is only 3 inches off the ground now! Now I got wheel travel!


Amsoil Arizona - UTVUnderground Approved
Jan 22, 2009
This kit was AMAZING out at Glamis Presidents Day Weekend. The front was dialed in from the start and all I had to do was put a bit more high speed compression on the rear shocks...all the Video I have is from my cage mounted camera looking forward, but here are some pictures:

The Elkas was super smooth and very easy to adjust:


Brian B

Red Rotax - UTVUnderground Approved
Jan 15, 2009
LSR +5" XTR-F kit is up first!

The XTR-F kit is revolutionary Jon. You're going to be shocked! (no pun of course)

Congrats Bob! Happy to see you rocking LT now! Lets hit up Box canyon soon!

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