IXCR Round 3 The Lumber Jack


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May 25, 2009
IXCR Round 3 The Lumber Jack. Leading up to race week temps were in the 70's or higher drying out the dirt and making conditions just about right. Mother nature had other plans Down poor the night before and during the AM quad races turned the whole place in to a mud pit from the time you got in tell the time you left. After hitting the entrance Trucks and trailers were stuck trying to get in and one's that were leaving. The races were running behind due to so many vehicles getting stuck on the way in and needed toe so made for some extra time to talk with fellow racers and my co driver for this round Tyler Bex he has raced BITD and some other smaller desert series out west. He got ahold of me and wanted to see what woods racing was all about. About 6:30 pm the UTV's lined up with the Heavy pro class off the line first. Dead Engine start Unfortunately the Turbo RZR has a slower start up then some of the others in the class and we were second to last off the line. Today was more about who can survive the Mud the longest so we hung back a little to stay out of the roost off the other racers. Racers were already sliding off course and we started passing before we hit the woods. The Polaris RZR Turbo felt good and soaking up the ruff terrain With the Bold Racing Revalved factory Fox shocks. We caught up to a bottle neck on the first hill when an X3 wasn't able to make it up the main track. We started looking for a alternative way when the YXZ in front off us decided to through it into reverse and slammed into us. They hit the bypass we were about to take and couldn't make it up and stalled out and couldn't get it going again now we had to find another spot to go up we backed up and climbed up the side of the hill with ease with the GBC Dirt commanders digging in. After getting to the top of the hill and descending down the back side there were several stuck racers that slid into a washout. We started up the next steeper hill that had more stuck racers and we climbed it with out any problems. Now we hit some tight flight stretches where we could be quick in the trees. when we go to the Next big hill we got about half way up and are temps were around the 250 260 range and we went into limp mode and were stopped in the middle of the track on a long steep hill. turned it off then back on and continued on forward we hit and open field and it went into limp mode again. Ended up pulling over and letting the machine cool down and got rid of the tape in front to keep mud off the radiator. Not sure if it blocked to much air or when we got hit it did something to the coolant lines or radiator. We continued on but still were going into limp mode due to high temps. we ended up finishing 10th for the Heavy Pro class. Now time to clean the mud up and move a radiator to the rear and fix the over heating problem.
Thanks to my sponsors Spangs Fab, Bold Racing, GBC Motorsports, Action Powersports, Spy Optic, GoPro, Slick Products, Rugged Radios, Warrior built foundation.

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