Interesting Find at Berts Mega Mall....


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Sep 9, 2011
After giving it much thought, I have decided I need to write this post... Stopped by Berts on my way to Vegas to check out any deals. Found a DEMO 16 turbo 4 seater that was used in the wolfpack video made out at camp irwin I believe. Everything was going well and we were haggling with the price, pretty much pulling the trigger as it was the last 16 model and a fair deal up until I started to look car over and found some damage. Just so everyone knows I'm not blaming Berts for offering this car for sale, but people that just come in off the street wanting to get into our sport might not catch it and be thoroughly pissed after the purchase. Now for the damage, I expected a couple scrapes, small broken plastic peices or something small missing, I didn't expect the whole front drivers side suspension to be changed out :/ the dead give away was complete difference in rock rash on the 2 front A Arms. When I noticed that I looked further and found 994 Merrel in black sharpie or paint pen written on the arm. This was one of Merrel's spare A Arms from his race car I could only assume. I went to the front of the frame and saw 2 good sized dents on the chassis and then on the main connecting tube going vertical all of the paint/powder coat had chipped off the welds... This car a a pretty good front end impact. I couldn't feel comfortable knowing this before I layed down over 20k and thought I'd share the info. Hopefully they do the right thing and pulled the unit, or fully disclose the damage now that it has been pointed out. Maybe one of you can run down and get a sweet deal on a "slightly" used demo...


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Mar 8, 2009
Visalia, Ca
I had a good experience buying from Art Wood years ago but I think the place as changed since his passing. In researching who had the best deal on a new X3 I was told by a salesman that my price would be $30K OTD for the DS model! Everyone else was at $26-$27K. When I asked the salesman why he was charging more than MSRP he said because we can!!! I guess fools were actually paying that. Wont buy from them again.
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Jan 9, 2009
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Berts are good people and you go to them when you expect inventory!! You want a machine in a certain color, they are your best bet.

Anyway, I was on the Ft. Irwin ride. It was a Rockstar Energy trip sponsored by Polaris and the UTV Wolfpack worked as support to keep all the machines up and running.

Those machines were all driven by the Rockstar Athletes. They were driven like the rentals they were lol

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