GBC Heartland Challenge Classes and Payout Announced


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Feb 11, 2013
I know it's not worcs but this event doesnt fit very well anywhere else! Sounds like a blast though, 4 hours at race pace? My back hurts already, you gotta be tough and smart to win this one! Le Mans start sounds pretty legit too.

2015 GBC Motorsports Heartland Challenge Classes and Payouts Announced
August 21-22 | Carlisle, IA

Anaheim, Calif. - June 2, 2015 - Classes and payouts have been set for the 2015 GBC Motorsports Heartland Challenge. An air horn will signal the start of the race, and hundreds of racers will sprint to their vehicles for the Le Mans style start. $20,000 cash is on the line for class winners of this 4-hour UTV race and 10-hour ATV race.

Riders run to their ATVs in the Le Mans style start.

This year’s theme is “No Rest for the Wicked,” and organizers are expecting to draw more than 100 teams and ironman class competitors to the event. “If you want to be the best at what you do, you have to work hard at it,” said professional ATV racer and GBC rep Johnny Gallagher. “It’s tempting to take some time off during the mid-season break, but the real competitors will take the opportunity to test their fitness and sharpen their skills at events like the Heartland Challenge.”

The 4-hour UTV race and 10-hour ATV race will put these athletes and their machines to the test.

Race organizers Andy and Tracy Kyner have announced the revised classes and payouts for the 2015 event. The top classes at this year’s challenge will be the AA Pro class, the Pro 4x4 class, the Ironman class and the UTV 1000 class. More than $20,000 cash is up for grabs for class winners; see the full class and payout list below:

Class Class Winner Payout
AA $5,000
Pro 4x4 $3,000
A $1,000
B $500
C $500
+30 $500
+40 $500
Women $500
Schoolboy $500
Ironman $2,000
UTV 1000 $3,000
UTV 900 $2,000
UTV 800 $1,500

Class winner payouts total $20,000 this year.

Stay tuned to the for more details yet to come, including a full event schedule and registration information. Follow GBC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get more racing and event updates.

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