660 rhino wont start

Lynn Carlton

New Member
Oct 29, 2019
Hi folks, I am a new member from southeast Missouri. I have a 660 rhino that is giving me trouble.

The rhino ran when parked. Drove it in the shop it was running fine. Next time I went to use it it won't start. It cranks and after about 5-10 seconds a huge deafaning shotgun backfire out the exhaust.
I've tried : a known good CDI and coil, I had good spark, but tried others just because I was grasping for strawd. Good blue white spark.
Verified flywheel is oriented correctly to the crank
Verified cam to crankshaft timing
Valve clearance is correct.
Cleaned carb--it wont even hit on ether I have an electric fuel pump verified that it has fuel to the carb. Carb and jets were all spotless.
Intake boot is good. No cracks. You can see the carb dance back and forth from the vacuum while cranking.
I checked the compression it cranked 110 psi which is what it has always cranked since fresh. It's got a hot cam and wiseco flat top piston. I guess the decompression mechanism causes it to read low.
During the whole 6+ hours I've been screwing with it, it tried to run once while cranking but never took off.
I'm down to the stator?? Is there a way that it can throw timing off? Really dont think that could be it but I'm lost.
If anyone has any info I'd sure appreciate it.
Thanks Lynn

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