2011 BITD Bilek Silver State 300 - Pics / Updates / Information


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Jan 21, 2010
Sorry about the roosting Cory didn't even realize it was you or that we had done it. I thought we had passed you on a straight section but It was hard to tell those commanders apart they all had yellow bodies with silver doors.
Same here, I thought we were pretty far away from you and didn't do it intentionally.


#1917 BITD - UTVUnderground Approved
Apr 13, 2010
Eastvale CA
Jeff, Thanks for the help in the am! We were super out of it. It was a pleasure to meet you and congrats on the finish. Congrats to the top finishers you guys ran a fast race! We decided to mix things up and go with the red tape look on the side of our Commander! - just experimenting with different graphics, but I dont think we will move forward with this duct tape look agian. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Parker.


J-Leep - UTVUnderground Approved
Oct 9, 2009
Can't seem to find any other pics on the web besides joey's awesome photos. Didn't seem like there were many picture takers, at least for utv's.

Mike L

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Feb 11, 2009
Riverside, CA
Can't seem to find any other pics on the web besides joey's awesome photos. Didn't seem like there were many picture takers, at least for utv's.
It seems to me like the guys in the front of the pack were too fast for the Camera guys to catch us. I've found a few pics besides Joeys but none of the front runners.... LOL


J-Leep - UTVUnderground Approved
Oct 9, 2009
Thanks Derek. I like how the utv's are under Random ss300 section:confused:. Don't make me dig up the time sheet to compare to car/truck times!:rolleyes:


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Sep 3, 2010
Las Vegas nv
Thanks Derek. I like how the utv's are under Random ss300 section:confused:. Don't make me dig up the time sheet to compare to car/truck times!:rolleyes:

the bad part is it will always be tough to gain the "respect" of the buggies and trucks the Trophy Lites are still going through this just have to keep plugging away we do have it a little easier all the corners are not burned in yet and all the rocks are not tossed up in the course so it is not to bad i was enjoying it i have always been in a limited buggy class so i got the worst tracks all the time

Custom Creations

Pretty In Pink #1931 Teryx - UTVUnderground Approv
Feb 9, 2009
Heres our day! NOt sure why it took me so long to get this up here!
BITD Silverstate 300
Custom Creation Team #1931 and our Kawasaki Teryx are ready to take on 300 niles of desert through beautiful Nevada. We line up at 515 am with Kevin driving and Tammy co riding for the first 1/2 of the race. We started 13th out of 17 UTV's, not the most desireable postion but we will gladly take the challenge. All starts of great and we jump into 9 position with the first 18 miles. Then we are comming down the hill at 72 mph and boom... the belt breaks...really ok.. well Kevin changes the belt took him much longer than normal because he is freezing in the 30 degree temperature. We are waitin at Pit 1 for him to come through, minutes seemed like hours... It was nerve racking, we had no radio communication. The finally come through and we are informed the motor is pumping oil out of the breather system. They have a quick pit and on their way. Just after leaving the pit the co-rider gets car sick and is having a hard time. Still with no radio Chris Blake and I are on our way to pit 3 as planned. We drive by Pit 2 and decide to stop... Lucky we did! We hear Jessi get your suit on.. Just as I was pulling my boot on we hear them come around the corner...I jumped in the passenger seat and on went with a splash of fuel. I was so nervous, I have never rode in the passenger seat and have never raced with Kevin. About 5 miles in and nerves started to calm and then our power steering goes out as we hit a puddle of water. The car got extremely heaving to turn. Luckily our new king shocks were working flawlessly! Made the ride so nice and helped making the car easier to drive, even in our current situation. We motor on and figure each other out.. To my surprise Kevin and I make an excellent driving team... We start playing catch up since we were 40 minutes behind. At mile 170 we get a flat, and change it as quickly as possible. We must have hit a rock with the inside of our rim, and bent the rim. There was no puncture in our GBC Grim Reaper. 4 UTV's pass us at this point. We get going and pass one since he was off the side of the road (they looked ok). Now we continue up through the mountain areas and Kevin is feeling very tired from musceling the car around. We catch us a RZR just before Pit 5. We pull in the pit Kevin jumps out I get in driver seat and Chris gets in the passenger seat. Gas and go... 100 miles to go! We pulled out of Pit 5 at 1:20 pm. Wow the car was so heavy to steer then we get on the groomed roads.. We are motoring down making a great pace. At about mile 215 the first Trophy Truck passes us like we were standing still... We couldn't see an inch infront of us...doing 55 mph into nowhere, this was a feeling that did not set well in my belly! I get on the gas a bit more... get me off this track!!! Here we go another broken belt!! Really..Chris is on fire and ready to finish he changes the belt within 10 minutes. Just before we get back on the road the RZR passes us and luckily all the other fast guys following the leader! We get back on the road make the turn on mile 227, then.... at mile 330 Pinky starts to blubber I pull of the track and she dies! My worst fear! We are done. We checked the belt, spark, and oil... She was done. Still we have no radio contact. So about an hour of waitinf we decide to walk to mile 227 checkpoint. We left at 315. We got a little signal from Dan at Chase 2 and then nothing.. so we walk! We did not want to be stuck out here in the dark it was already cold! We make it almost to the checkpoint when Cory brings us 2 waters and gets on his way. Then my HERO shows up with a BITD official. Kevin tried to start the car and new immediatley that we had lost the motor. So we got a tow and were officially out of the race. It was a great day for our entire team! It was a great learning experience! I had the time of my life riding with my Husband! Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors and crew who take care of us and get us going every time. We couldn't do it without you! Thank you to Russ from Tribal Whips for making a special trip to Tech in N. Las Vegas to deliver our new LED 44 inch light bar. Can wait to use it in Vegas to Reno. And King shocks for dialing us in out in Barstow. The Teryx has ridden better than it ever has! Also I'd like to welcome our 2 new sponsors DIL construction and Pain Addiction Clothing...

Sponsors and Special Thanks to:
Custom Creations, GBC Tires, Web Cam, Industrial Metal suupply, Starside Designs, Rialto Trophy, Tribal Whips, PRP Seats, DIL Construction, Pain Addiction Clothing Summer Brothers Racing, Wicked Bilt, UTV Undergound.com, B & B Powdercoating, Pink Divas, Pro Armor

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