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    Polaris PRP GT seats?

    Im looking at buying a set of the prp gt seats for my 900xp.. I know I like the seats I set in some a while back but im trying to decide between getting the +2 wides and standard size. With the +2 can you run lowering bases? I don't have to have the wides but it would be nice to have some extra...
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    All UTV's Rock lights ?

    How many of you are running rock lights or somthing similar to shine down around each wheel and tire ? I want to add in some led strips In the cab and rocklights together for when night riding.. looks cool and nice if you have to work on somthing after dark.. What are yall running ?? Post pics...
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    Tires .. staggerd or same width front and rear

    I'm getting ready to buy some new tires for my rzr and the tires I'm thinking are offered in a x9 and x11 .. I think I would rather run the same width all tha way around but don't know if x9s will look too narrow.. Thinking about goin with the new msa 21 and motoclaws just wished they were made...
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    Yamaha Cv joints, axle help

    Alright guys heres tge question. Im running fabtech long travel. Anyway when I bought the kit it came with gorilla axles for the rear and just 4340 axles for the front. I got to go on 2 rides with the gorilla axles and I kept having the rears(both sides pop out) one came out and chewed a few...
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    Yamaha Protecting guages

    I'm adding a wideband, oil Pres, and water temp guage in my rhino. I've got autometer water and oil and aem wideband. My question/concern is water and mud coming in the backside of the guages or damaging them from the backside. What's the best way to protect them.. out here in the south east I...
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    All UTV's Post up a pic of your sxs!!

    I know there are lots a threads with individuals pics but everyone post a thread with pics of your ride and mods ... KInda helps put a ride with a name.. and i like looking at pictures
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    Yamaha Limit straps

    I have a fabtech kit on my rhino 660 and i want to add some limit straps to it... I had axle issues (gorilla) and kept popping the rears out. Ive got some new summer bros axles with stock cvs but i wanted to limit the rear alittle to hopefuly solve that problem and the front too just to keep...
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    Yamaha wtb +6 rhino 660 rear axles

    Couldnt really figure out the wated section and it doesnt appear that im the only one ha. Im looking for a set of +6 rear axles for a rhino 660.. I havent really had a good time looking.. superatv quit making theirs and nobody seems to have any that ive talked too. Guess the rhino is a...
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    Bumpers rhino project

    I picked this rhino up about a year ago pretty much stock just outfitted with the normal hunting gear etc... its a 06 660. I have added alittle bit of my touch to it and im still not even close to done... But its coming along nicely i think

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