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    utv world championship video(better late then never)

    in car gopro of 1963 fighting a malfunctioning clutch(that seemed to finally shift out) and a siren that didn't want to work when needed.the last 5 minutes is a pretty cool battle with the orange 1960(sorry about the bump)LOL.
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    any xp1k 4seaters

    any desert racing builds going yet with the new xp1k 4 seater,seriously contemplating doing this,just wondering if anyone has a heads up can pm me if its top secret. i am just looking at the $s it is taking not including the initial purchase.
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    snore rage at the river

    how come no utv's. they had a 2 day free live video feed.would have been some good recognition for the utv class.i raced it last year with only one other utv(ram motorsports).it was a blast .just wondering why no utv's race this track. TONY
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    what happened

    i logged on it says i cant access the forumn,same login as always.
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    small video parker 150

    just a quick video of the parker 150.i must say the cognito shocks are dialed and a complete work of art.thanks cognito
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    hello to all

    been floating here for awhile, finally signed up. TONY

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