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    WTB gear one steering rack for teryx.

    Looking for gear one rack and plus five tie rods. Since these units are old news these days , maybe someone has a race spare for sale?????? Or a dealer that has one gathering dust on the shelf????? Thanks 2008 model
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    My Video From Glamis Prez Wknd 2013

    A group of us met up at wash 22 and rode and had some good food. Here is the by product. 302 Found
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    Tire ?? Grip versus Slip

    What are your thoughts on tread patterns. Sizes front and rear versus weight. 12" versus 14"? I am thinking too aggressive can cause problems. What about more grip up front than on the rear?
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    Short Video From A Mtn Bike Race.

    I took some video clips and photo's from a 12 hour race at vail lake in Temecula my son and friends did this weekend. It is very short...just kinda a teaser....Hope you like, 302 Found
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    A Car Called Showtime !

    302 Found
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    No Sewers in Dubai ??

    302 Found Hmm Interesting!
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    Going to Havasu 7-29 Weekend !

    Going to go enjoy some sun and relaxation with Benchmark performance family this weekend. Nothing fancy just some swimming, wakeboarding, good food and family!! What is everyone else doing this weekend?
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    IdeasFor Summer Fun & Riding ??

    Looking for Ideas for a summer trip with friends. Maybe utah, central or northern california riding areas Etc... I have been trying to find threads on sites about peoples trips. Including riding, maybe fishing, sight seeing, ghost towns or anything fun??
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    2010 Saboba Grand Prix

    Any one know dates yet? etc
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    Insurance on these $$$$$ Rides.

    What is everyone doing on Insurance on all the rides that have lots of money wrapped up into them? What have your experiences been when you had a major problem?? The new sand addiction mag has a article on it, very interesting.
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    Kawasaki Help me understand Suspension!!

    Ok I have a few questions for everyone. I am not looking for inside info or some top secret info. I want to understand proper working utv suspension. I understand we have many uses and tracks versus dunes etc.... However If a teryx has complete movement up and down to each point where you...
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    Kawasaki My new Hrt Long travel. With makin trax shocks

    Here are a few photo's of my teryx with Long Travel From HRT and shocks from Steve Chase at makin Trax. It was put on the day before I left for Pismo so I still have adjustments to make with everyones help. Springs, some valving etc... However as anyone who knows who has switched over to LT...
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    Kawasaki Waytay's mods to teryx!

    I had HRT make changes to the cage and make the top, Chris had mods done to my clutch I did install, Everything was powdercoated, new hood new color, rugged radio install, Cleaned mud from everywhere from Saboba including inside wiring harness. It is a work in progress as money and time...
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    Kawasaki I needs plastics painted!!

    Ok I would like to have trinity in AZ paint these but dont have time for travel back and fourth. So I need teryx plastics and door panels painted. It would be the hood, 2 rear fenders, 2- door panels aluminum and the two rocker panels below your feet on the outside. WHO can do this in san diego...
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    Witness protection program !

    Hi My name is hulio, I come from the town of juarez. Me and my familia enjoy utv's. they be berry berry fun. Just so you know I have never killed anyone and I am not in the witness protection program so dont ask. I am 18 and am a jewish, black, portages, polish white man!! :eek:

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