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  1. ageekwithajeep

    Gutten travel trailer sale?

    Hey guys I've got a question. So Elyses parents have a 29 ft jay flight trailer that has been sitting for some time and while it has been sitting vandals have had their way. So they stole beds, appliances, and even one of the two a/c's so the inside is basically frame work. But it still has a 1...
  2. ageekwithajeep

    Ag makes 4wheel magazine

    Member that day those guys stopped us at TDS? Well my jeep made the TDS section page 87 of the August 2012 issue
  3. ageekwithajeep

    Happy mothers day

    Happy mothers day to all my La Familia momma's ya'll know who you are :D love you guys
  4. ageekwithajeep

    Sunday the 1st ride-truckhaven

    Im thinking the flowers might be out so elyse and I are going to go, might get my dad, Rick, and my neighbor in on it too. Let me know if u want to do a fun day ride
  5. ageekwithajeep

    Looking for a new truck?

    I found what we all need, a 7.3l f250, my saying stays true. it'll pull anything you hook it to enjoy Ford F250 towing a Tractor Trailer. - YouTube F250 Powerstroke Pulling Out a Jack Knifed Semi - YouTube 2003 Ford F350 pulling semi - YouTube
  6. ageekwithajeep

    For Sale: 23.5 ft custom trailers unlimited enclosed

    Just as the title says, its a friends who's dad used it to haul his caddy show car. Tripple axle brakes work good electric jack winch inside two doors (one man, one sales) rear ramp im guessing but i think its 7 ft tall (i could stand comfortably being 6'4) only reason I'm not buying...
  7. ageekwithajeep


    Happy birthday old man
  8. ageekwithajeep

    Off roading tow rigs?

    Okay i know you all have done it once or twice, I've been cruzin my excursion around up in the hills behind my house waiting on my jeep here are a couple pics the looks i get are hilarious
  9. ageekwithajeep

    5th Annual SoCal Buggy Bash Oct 14-16 jawbone canyon

    When: October 14-16 Where: Jawbone canyon Who's invited: anyone who wants to join in some great offroading. I hope that these dates work for people and hope that you all can make it out. its going to be a blast. The list ageekwithajeep, Jeep, excursion (maybe a flat bed by...
  10. ageekwithajeep

    California city for buggy bash?

    Hey guys the buggy guys were wondering if La Familia would be willing to go to california city for the bash this year?
  11. ageekwithajeep


    Hey guys, we are starting to plan the buggy bash, the guys are asking about silverwood. Is it a big enough place to have a bash? lots of different trails and such?
  12. ageekwithajeep

    Geeks rustler sand rail

    Hey guys here's the newest addition Custom sand rail, Rustler tranny, and front caster, Custom frame Electrics will be vxl motor ez run 35a esc hitech 985 servo mx-sport rx/tx outa the box give geek 15 mins what do ya think?
  13. ageekwithajeep

    Ag's jeepster build

    welp figured i'd start a thread Here is what is looked like yesterday (sat) top off and styling As of last monday it was not running. so i began trouble shooting this morning. Replaced fuel filter, lines and such came to the conclusion that the diaphram in the fuel pump was shot. the...
  14. ageekwithajeep

    How to shower

    HOW TO SHOWER LIKE A WOMAN: Take off clothing and place it in sectioned laundry hamper according to lights and darks. Walk to bathroom wearing long robe. If you see husband along the way, cover up any exposed areas. Look at your womanly physique in the mirror -- make mental note to...
  15. ageekwithajeep

    IF GEORGE BUSH WAS AN IDIOT......................

    Read all the way through A recap of the past 24 months. Who woulda thunk!!?? Unless you're into pulling the wool over your own eyes, scroll down and lament this train-wreck of an administration. SOME OF YOU WILL APPRECIATE THIS……; AND SOME OF YOU WILL NOT. I DO NOT APOLOGIZE...
  16. ageekwithajeep

    Thinking about getting a jeep

    Hey guys. so i am thinking about trading my buggy or selling and buying an older jeep. preferably a commando 1967-73 year. no smog. can drive on the road. can get just about anywhere you guys can go with the farm wagon. Let me know what you think.
  17. ageekwithajeep

    Jan 21-23 lets ride

    Hey its the weekend after my birthday guys i want to get out and get a little dusty. I am thinking mecca or truck haven anyone free that wants to ride?
  18. ageekwithajeep

    Need to ride

    Who has a ride planned for mlk day weekend? i need to ride. if no one has plans how about truck haven or mecca?
  19. ageekwithajeep

    Whats going on????

    How come this place seams dead? Also why is alternate off road posting all of his threads in our section? Seems like a cool guy and cool services just seams like all of his posts are in this section. When are we riding guys? Are we doing a ride for the new year.
  20. ageekwithajeep

    looking for a cheaper lit whip

    as the title says. i am looking for just a lighted whip under 100 preferably i haven't seen many nice ones for that price so i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get one. Thanks
  21. ageekwithajeep

    AG is here

    Hey guys, My names bryce but i go by ag on the forums, i live in murrieta love to ride my buggy with the family and run my rc's We shall see you on a ride soon
  22. ageekwithajeep

    Fourth Annual SoCal Buggy Bash

    When: Nov 5-8 Where; Johnson Valley OHV Who's invited: Anyone who wants to ride What Vehicles are invited: Anything that likes dirt Main ride saturday to: Rodman Petroglyphs Sunday we may do a more challenging ride around the mountain by papa bear as cisco calls is, its got some fun...

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