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    Rally at Doe Mountain

    Racing Dreamz, a 501c3 non profit, is hosting the first annual Rally at Doe Mountain, June 18-19, 2016. A youth oriented Rally race for ages 7-17, 6.5hp(150cc) to 20hp(300cc), off road karts, buggies and youth size UTVs. This event is to promote youth rally racing in our region and to raise...
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    Possible new riding/racing park for mini utv's

    We're looking at 180 acres in SW Virginia(Scott County). If we get the funding source that we are trying to get, we'll be able to afford it. My question is, would there be an interest from the families that are near hear. This is a very rural location and will not have the issues that we...
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    We are on the hunt!!

    Due to the recent developments with our recent property status, Racing Dreamz is on the search again for land to develop for our facility. We're looking for about 150-200 acres. However, since the last property was so cheap(due to the fact an EPA SuperFund Site was bordering on one part)...
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    Racing Dreamz end of year newsletter

    Hi folks. Yep, it's that time again. The end of year newsletter. I like to sit back and reflect on how we got to where we are today. We have a great many thanks and a few sorrows. 2012 has been a roller coaster ride of a year. But we feel that we are on the right track and moving forward...
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    From all of us

    at Racing Dreamz MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! We hope everyone has a great holiday season. :D
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    The deal has been inked

    and the ink is dry. Racing Dreamz and Trophy Kart will become partners in the UTV Rally Raid racing series. Since I'm not a professional driver, I just play one on iRacing other racing simulators, I'll only do the first lap of the first race. Then a professional off road racer will take...
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    Racing Dreamz seeking sponsor for real UTV racing series in Tenn.

    Anyone got a line on sponsors that might sponsor the Racing Dreamz team? The UTV Rally Raid series is in the southeastern United States. It is the premier UTV/buggy racing series here. There is no other of its kind. The GNCC is here, but it's a short race. The UTVRR is a 4 hour...
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    Racing Dreamz video message

    Scroll down to minute 48 for the Racing Dreamz video message and tribute to Rick Huseman.<WBR>recorded/25796163
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    Got a call from the Sheriff's Dept.

    Sheriff's dept just called my house and said Mr. Jones we have a complaint on your dog ! I said really what did he do ? Deputy said complainant said your dog was chasing some kid on a bicycle..... I Said well thats funny! Officer said why is that ? I said my dog doesn't have a bicycle .
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    Run it for Rick, next weekend

    Be sure to watch the "Run it for Rick" TORC Rick Huseman Memorial Cup Race next weekend. Live upstreaming via TORC will be broadcasting our new TV Commercial that weekend up on the JUMBOTRON and livestream. See if you can catch it. Then when you do see it, let us know what you think...
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    Video Challenge

    Racing Dreamz has been given an opportunity of a lifetime. The TORC off road racing series has invited Racing Dreamz to submit a TV quality 60 second commercial. They will play this commercial several times during their last race of the season. This race will be the biggest in history. The Rick...
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    All UTV's Youth Class SxS Racing

    Racing Dreamz is looking into the possibility of purchasing land to host organized SxS racing for youngsters. If we can do this, we plan on having one directional trails, rally raid style racing. Meaning, no wheel to wheel racing, only timed starts and timed laps. The course would be over about...
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    The Racing Dreamz Back to School Newsletter

    The Back to School Racing Dreamz Newsletter Hi folks. Yea, it's that time again it seems. Another newsletter. This one is the Back To School newsletter. Alot has happened this summer. A great many good things happened to and with Racing Dreamz. And some, not so good. So, let's get into it...
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    Scott Rehn, Racing Dreamz Advisory Board member

    I have the greatest honor in announcing that Racing Dreamz has a new Advisory Board member. Mr. Scott Rehn, announcer for the TORC series and Monster Truck series has graciously accepted our invitation. We welcome him with open arms as he will be a true ambassador to our mission and a huge help...
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    1st Annual Racing Dreamz Benefit Concert

    If you are in or near the area, everyone welcome. Elizabethton, Tn.
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    1st Annual Racing Dreamz Benefit Concert

    Just got the word from the Carter County Car Club. The 1st Annual Racing Dreamz Benefit Concert is a GO!!!! It's set for September 22, 2012. This is a Free concert, however, tickets will be sold for a gourmet BBQ plate dinner and a chance to win prizes of racing memoriabilia from Nascar, Indy...
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    The little guys

    Is there a thread for the little guys. The mini UTV's. Polaris 170 or the clones. I'd like to read about the familys, the kids that drive or race the mini ute's. In the future, we hope to post about Racing Dreamz involvement in the Rally Raid and other short course, East Coast, racing.
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    Racing Dreamz

    Hi all. I wanted to introduce ourselves to this wonderful group. We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization call Racing Dreamz. Our mission is to give children and youth the opportunity to learn important life lessons and live their dreams from behind the steering wheel of a dirt track race kart...

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