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  1. PRP Seats

    Why you should replace your harnesses every two years.

    Hello, everyone. We get a lot of questions about our harnesses and SFI certification saying you need to replace your belts every two years. There's a good reason why and we try to lay it all out in this blog post. Hope it clears some things up. We're here if you have any additional questions...
  2. PRP Seats

    PRP Introduces Alpha Extra Wide Composite Seat

    Introducing the Alpha Extra Wide Composite Seat PRP Seats’ Alpha Extra Wide adds some extra breathing room for larger drivers. Two inches added in the middle provides a comfortable fit for waist sizes 38-44. Having same bolster width as the Alpha maintains that snug feeling, and allows it to be...
  3. PRP Seats

    Can-Am NEW PRODUCTS: Maverick X3 Door Bags and additional storage from PRP

    PRP Seats, a leading manufacturer of suspension seats and storage options for UTV's and Off-Road vehicles, is excited to introduce their latest in innovative storage options now for the all-new Can-Am Maverick X3. Can-Am Maverick X3 Stock Door Bag Similar to the extremely popular RZR Door...
  4. PRP Seats

    Yamaha PRP Seats YXZ Overhead Bag named one of Powersports Business Nifty 50!

    Pretty stoked! Check out the article here:
  5. PRP Seats

    PRP Seats XP 4 1000 BUD LIGHT Build

    In case you didn't catch a glimpse of our newest build at the Sand Sport Super Show, Off-Road Xtreme did a little write up and photo gallery. Here are the details and some pics. See it for yourself at Camp RZR Glamis! Breakdown Seats: PRP NEW XC Seats Harnesses: PRP 5.3x2 Harness Doors: PRP...
  6. PRP Seats

    PRP Seats XC Instagram Scavenger Hunt

    We're releasing an ALL NEW UTV seat at the 17th Annual Sand Sport Super Show. To celebrate, we've gathered over $1500 in prizes (and growing) from some of our best dealers and friends in the UTV industry. YOU will have a chance to win a huge XP1000 prize pack including a bumper from DG...
  7. PRP Seats

    NEW PRP GT S.E. Seat (Custom orders shipped in 2 weeks)

    We've updated our most popular seat for 2014! The GT has been a best seller but we wanted to take its style a step further. PRP's New GT S.E. Suspension Seat features added accents to match the piping as well as colored stitch which matches the larger accent areas. We've also updated the body...
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  9. PRP Seats

    KOH Hammertown Deals

    Only available on the lakebed at King of the Hammers 2014. We'll have all of this and more.
  10. PRP Seats

    Seats for KOH

    If you're still thinking about getting new seats for your KOH RZR, we have 2 sets of our Podium Suspension seats in stock with RZR bases. The one below and a pair in all black carbon fiber. We also have limit straps, harnesses (by Friday), tool bags and impact bags. Just call and we'll get you...
  11. PRP Seats

    NEW PRP Removable Doors.

    NEW PRP RZR 2 doors! Wider opening for getting to your gas cap easier, lower top edge for more comfortable arm rest and the door itself is REMOVABLE from the frame for when your pulling into your trailer or toy hauler and are tight on space. Available now. Call 1.800.317.6253 for pricing.
  12. PRP Seats

    WIN a pair of RZR 2 Doors and much more

    Our final day of the 12 Days of Christmas is here and were topping it all off with a pair of RZR 2 Doors! Enter now and share your entry for more chances to win:
  13. PRP Seats

    PRP's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

    Enter today and win a Cell Phone Pouch, T-shirt and Koozie. SHARE for more chances to win. Come back tomorrow for another progressive giveaway and the next day and the next day... CLick here to enter:
  14. PRP Seats

    One last chance to see Santa! This Saturday at SXS Performance

    Santa is making one last stop this week at SXS Performance. We've got great pricing on a bunch of PRP goods and, seriously, we don't want to haul them back... Come on by for FREE Tacos! A FREE photo with Santa! And FREE gifts! These guys at SXS know how to have fun so don't miss out!
  15. PRP Seats

    Santa Sales continue at Malcolm Smith Motorsports

    If you're in the Riverside area tomorrow, be sure to drop by Malcolm Smith Motorsports and get some great deals on PRP products. We'll have FREE photos with Santa, tons of giveaways and FREE tacos for the first 100.
  16. PRP Seats

    PRP's Black Friday at House of Motorcycles

    If you're in the North County San Diego area on Black Friday, come by House of Motorcycles in Vista and get some great deals on PRP products. We'll have pictures with Santa (first 100 people get a FREE gift) and FREE tacos for the first 100 as well. You don't even have to get up early; the event...
  17. PRP Seats

    XP 1000 Soft Tops now available from PRP

    Keep yourself dry and out of the sun with PRPs Soft Top for the stock XP 1000 cage. The PRP XP 1000 Soft Top cleans easily and your install time is virtually minutes with self adhesive velcro attachments. No bolts or screws necessary. Made so you can attach the included XP1000 visor.
  18. PRP Seats

    Looks like the 1000 4 seater has been announced.

  19. PRP Seats

    All UTV's Rhino and Teryx Seat Sliders?? PRP

    Hi guys, PM or email me at [email protected] or call your local Vendor for discounts Seat Sliders for the Teryx - We have it! Seat Sliders for the Rhino - We have it! Sliders for the RZR - nothing new, we've always had these! Let us know if we can help out in anyway...
  20. PRP Seats

    Tired of wet and heavy Seats? PRP's new Mesh Liner

    Check it out! A solution for rain and mud that will allow minimal water and dry time!! Email [email protected] or contact your local vendor. When ordering your next seat, at NO extra charge, just let us know you would like to have a mesh liner. 302 Found
  21. PRP Seats

    PRP's RZR Reservation Resurrection

    A guy came into the shop last week looking for a buyer for his 2010 RZRs. I went out to look at it. It has been sitting out on the Pechanga Reservation in a shed for 6-8 months. It was dusty, dirty, its been laid on its side once, had some flat tires, but it was priced right, and I need a ride...
  22. PRP Seats

    2009 Prowler with stock cage

    We are looking for a 2009 Arctic Cat Prowler with the stock cage still on it. If someone has one close to our shop in Murrieta, CA we need it for a couple days to R&D some seats. We will give you a set of seat belts for the rental fee. Please reply to this or call me if you have one...
  23. PRP Seats

    AZ Off Road Show This Weekend

    If you are in Phoenix this weekend swing by and check out our booth at the AZ Off Road Show. We are teamed up with Rhino Parts & Performance to offer some killer deals on seats. We will also have several styles on display to try out. Here is info on the show. Arizona Offroad & Outdoor...
  24. PRP Seats

    Test Drive a set of PRP Seats at the UTV Jam!

    PRP will be on hand for the UTV Jam in Marysville next weekend. If you're at the event and are one of the first five people to mention you are from UTV Underground you will get a FREE buggy bag. In addition, we will have a set of our RZR GT seats and 50/50 bench available for anyone to...
  25. PRP Seats

    A Man's Diaper Bag!

    A Man's Diaper Bag! <hr style="color:#f4f4f4; background-color:#f4f4f4" size="1"> A few our friends and family have been having kids lately so we came up with this idea. It was such a hit that we decided to make more of them. If your tired of having to carry...
  26. PRP Seats

    Steel RZR Seat Bases

    We have some new steel seat bases for the RZR. These are steel replicas of the stock plastic pans. There are several good lowering seat bases on the market however we have noticed that for larger people adding some hight to the seat allows the seat to slide back farther and keep your knee...

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