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  1. suspended fabrication

    Suspended Fabrication prepping car for Henderson BITD

    Suspended Fabrication Prepping RZR we built for Henderson BITD
  2. suspended fabrication

    Suspended Fabrication 2016 YXZ1000R Yamaha BITD build

    Work has begun here at Suspended Fabrication on a new Yamaha YXZ1000R build for the 2016 BITD season. We will be posting build photos periodically to show the progression and development of the exciting new race car. Here at Suspended Fabrication we are in the relentless pursuit of racing...
  3. suspended fabrication

    Suspended Fabrication Desert Builds

    Here are a few pictures of our past Desert Build on Jeramiah Staggs XP1K, aslo a mild Desert build we are doing for a customer that is building it in steps to make sure no expense is spared
  4. suspended fabrication

    All UTV's Abercon Racings Suspended Fabrication "SF1" production 1000 build

    Here are some pictures of Abercon racings Suspended Fabrication built "SF1" Production 1000. The cage is built with 4130 and tig welded. If you pay close attention to detail you will see the timeless effort that went into making this care a piece of art on and off the track.
  5. suspended fabrication

    Polaris Tyler Parks Suspended Fabrication SF1 chassis build

    Here are some photos of Tyler parks "SF1" Suspended Fabrication build, for lucas oil pruduction 1000 class

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