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    I had a great time riding in Utah this summer.

    Wow that is awesome, you are so lucky. some peace and quiet. Looks like no drama in those parts ! :)
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    COGNITO RZR 4 XP1000 new BITD build

    Looking good Guys !!!
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    Prayers for UTVUnderground member Waytay...

    Very true of everything including the heart attack itself the most painfull part has been the area where they go in the next to the boys to do the cleaning and stints. The first day it wa a cake walk, then the second one hurt like a bitch.. I am so lucky it did not occur when at glamis, they...
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    Prayers for UTVUnderground member Waytay...

    Thank you everyone. Due to great medicine. I will live to dune another day and be there for my awesome wife!
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    COGNITO RZR 4 XP1000 new BITD build

    Oh I see you guys got 1 or so of the first 56 sets built. whatever !!!!!
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    70 miles on 1 belt in our camp 90 miles for the other 4 seat 1000.... Not acceptable In my opinion. However i am sure their engineers are working on a recall fix !!!!
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    BIG NEWS FROM KAWASAKI 9.6.13 - 9:00AM PST on

    yeah thats how i describe heavy set women also !!
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    BIG NEWS FROM KAWASAKI 9.6.13 - 9:00AM PST on

    Jim, yep cage looks.....well almost lost my breakfast looking at it. I love the cargo carrying parts. like the cockpit. .......solid machine.......for 13000 dollars
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    Thats what i was thinking we will be just up the road on the river, weather looks good to me ???????????????
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    Polaris 2011-2012 Polaris RZR XP 900 "Known" Starter Area Failure Issue

    I have seen atleast three with this issue, atleast one Polaris covered.
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    UTV Race in Kingman Arizona Sept 15

    Looks like some slicker tires may be needed??
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    UTV Race in Kingman Arizona Sept 15

    looks like mainly gonns be flat tracking !
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    2013 CAMP RZR - GLAMIS (Unofficial Announcement / Save The Date)

    I did not realize we had so many WUSSIES on here !! Thats Ok more room for the rest of us! Yes I do hear of some fun stuff that may or may not be planned for camp Poolaris... gotta hand it to them for keeping it interesting. I plan to take in the sights and possible TRICKS and maybe some...
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    UTV race Kingman Arizona Sept 15, 2013

    Thats weird, safer fuel tank requires fire suit ??? Not complaining everyone should wear one....
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    WTB gear one steering rack for teryx.

    Looking for gear one rack and plus five tie rods. Since these units are old news these days , maybe someone has a race spare for sale?????? Or a dealer that has one gathering dust on the shelf????? Thanks 2008 model
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    UTV race Kingman Arizona Sept 15, 2013

    rules ???? sxs
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    definitely awesome job by everyone involved........However I think someone should do a spoof video with the original stock hilarious would that be??????
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    UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K - Full Video

    I need to play it on a big screen !!!!!!!!!!! I have told many people to watch it !!!
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    Magnum OR Maverick build

    Fixed it for ya marty !!!!!
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    UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K - Full Video

    Did you read I said 7000.......its now up to almost 13,000 either way pretty awesome !!
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    Pictures open behind threads

    What a dick !!!! damm paper pushers !!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K - Full Video

    I just wanna know who the BOZO's are who did a thumbs down on the video ???? They must have serious SAND in their VAGINA'S.............sand roosted by a SXS that is!!!
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    UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K - Full Video

    ALL of the above comments x2 CONGRATS TO ALL INVOLVED !!
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    Pictures open behind threads

    Joey go play with kids, worry about it on monday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    UTVUnderground Presents: 2013 WORCS - Pala, CA (Polaris Racing) - VIDEO -

    AWESOME JOB.................who is this Joey guy ?
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    Fabwerx xp4 900 build

    see ya next season
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    Official UTVUnderground 2013 WORCS RD4 Utah Photos & Results

    Hey Poke, May I ask why the wife likes worcs compared to lucas ??
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    The Dirt Series ROUND 2!! INFO

    Change in family plans, I will not be there. Have fun guys!!
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    Sorry for the inconvenience...

    No apologies needed, hope it did not get to rough! It happens!
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    The Dirt Series ROUND 2!! INFO

    What happened at havasu ? My excuse was i ended up at er care due to debris in my eyes. I could not see at all after lap 1 due to gear problems. I could not open my eyes on the start of the 4th lap.
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    The Dirt Series ROUND 2!! INFO

    I am there !
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    Bare with us WORCS Havasu Racers on Coverage.... Terrible Accident

    I hope he comes thru as best as possible, thoughts with his family. Looking forward to photo's as well.
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    WORCS RD3 HAVASU Information - WHO IS RACING??

    Have my vip spot for the family, car will hopefully be ready. Tin should be done by wed.....then as long as it runs and drives i am there...well I am there even if it does not run LOL No Cognito.....Good luck at the mint 400! Post up some of the spring break photo's LOL
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    We lost a great member today.. RIP poflo

    That is a great photo of him.
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    Thank you Underground Members....

    Come a long way baby !!! Now were are my stickers for Havasu ?? LOL
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    We lost a great member today.. RIP poflo

    I just found out about this. This really SADDENS me! Don was the nicest, knowledgeable, friendly, fun and any other intelligent form of compliment you could give to someone. Jim I know you guys were great friends, I feel for you buddy !!! God Speed to another great person we have lost. Wow I...
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    For sure great need filled !!!
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    Anyone racing the DIRT SERIES??

    HMM I have the ok.......I AM LUCKY..... you have the utvug stickers?
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    I hear there may be a identical car to staggs almost finished:eek:
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    Did all the sxs race together?? sr-1's etc..unlimited xp's...
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    Looking for a site that isn't ran by tyrants

    I think if you are respectful of others, dont use foul language and are otherwise not a whiner you will be fine. We all have opinions it is all how you express them.:)
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    My Video From Glamis Prez Wknd 2013

    A group of us met up at wash 22 and rode and had some good food. Here is the by product. 302 Found
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    Glamis Presidents Day Weekend

    This photo must have been taken during the roll over :D
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    Tire ?? Grip versus Slip

    Sorry guys posted late last night and was not feeling well..... So for this purpose it would be racing worcs and or Lucas ........ 14" that bad, I am sure everyone has a opinion. I kinda like the look of the Goodyear MTR....not to aggressive. The bighorns are a little aggressive I...
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    Tire ?? Grip versus Slip

    What are your thoughts on tread patterns. Sizes front and rear versus weight. 12" versus 14"? I am thinking too aggressive can cause problems. What about more grip up front than on the rear?

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