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  1. motive

    Ditch helicopters for drones?

    So on our long drive to Parker for this last weeks race, my fellow pit crew member and I had a good talk about helicopters versus drones for filming races. As it stands right now, BITD does not allow drones to be used on the course. There is obvious safety reasons with helicopters occupying...
  2. motive

    Who's excited for Blue Water?

    Only 10 days until one of my favorite races. Its hard to beat racing in Parker. I was looking at the draw orders and a couple interesting things popped out at me. First, the Murrays will be the first turbo off the line. I'm sure they will be racing their X3 in the Pro Turbo class now that...
  3. motive

    Red Lands Racing UTVWC Race Report

    Where to start? It has been such a long journey from our first foray into UTV racing to winning the Pro Turbo class race at the UTVWC that I might as well give you some of the background... Being that we are from Utah we are outside the normal desert racing area. So when we started thinking...
  4. motive

    Keeping class 1900 growing

    So with all the threads going on that cross back and forth between Cory and turbos and tires and 5 speed transmissions the has been a lot of negative talk. Some arguments, some venting and complaining. There has also been some speculation of the demise of the utv class. I for one think that...
  5. motive

    Red Lands Racing/Motive Engineering BITD build

    Hi everyone. Out of everyone on our team, I have been chosen the one that gets to share with you our build. Maybe that's because I'm the only one that knows how to use a computer for social purposes. Anyway, I am excited to finally be able to let the cat out of the bag here on UTVUG! A...
  6. motive

    Racers/co-dawg screen names

    Hey everyone. Maybe I'm not always adding 2 and 2 together but could we get a quick response from all the pro desert guys that gives your car number, name, nick name, what you do on your team, and your user name here on UTVUG? We will be running BITD next year and so I am trying to learn the...

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