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    Yamaha Rhino 450 engine swap to 660????

    Looking for anyone that has done or tried to swap out an engine in a Rhino 450 geared chassis to a 660 engine. Any input you have I'd like to hear. Thanks. :cool:
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    LED Light Bar Protection

    What's out there for LED Light Bar protection. Googled the net and didn't really find anything. Wondering how a top bar will handle trail riding and branches slapping it? If you build a cage for the front of the bar with some type of screen would it scatter the light beams?
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    Thanks for the Sticker & Vids UTVUG

    Just want to say thanks to UTVUG for the stickers and DVD's from Fox Racing , Motor Head, and The Mint 400 by Mad Media. That was way cool. Thanks again!!!! :D
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    Rhino clutch shoe measurements

    Looking in the Rhino manual it says 1 - 1.5 mm thickness on the clutch shoes. Do you know if they mean width across the shoe or depth from the metal ring to the top of the shoe? First time into the wet clutch so I'm not sure what they are asking. :cool:
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    Yamaha Rhino Wet Clutch

    Get ready to open up the wet clutch on my Rhino, I've heard the nut that holds the housing on has back wards treads. Anyone knows if this is true would save me from hammering the shit out of the nut for me to find out??? Thanks :cool:
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    Rhino Wet Clutch

    Getting ready to open up the wet clutch on my 06/450 Rhino. I read someplace that the nut that holds the clutch housing has backwards treated?? Anyone that knows if this is true it will save me hammering the shit out of the nut trying to figure it out. Thanks! :cool:
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    The Rhino & Me Finally Made Here

    Climbing aboard for a new adventure with the UTV Underground Gang, YAHOO!!! Let-Em Buck Baby.

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