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    30" tires need clutching for 900?

    as the title says.. I'm putting some 30" mongrels on my 900 and want to know what I need to do to make it work well.. I put the Rzr570 front fenders so I have eliminated the rubbing issue but what will I have to do for Clutch? just heavy duty spirings? or will it require a whole new secondary to...
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    lighted switches.

    I was on some website a while ago and they had every lighted switch you could think of.. cannot remeber the site for the life of me!.. I need one for my GPS, one for lighted whip and one for communication.. lead me Underground!
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    Clutch Setup for the RZR with mods??

    2012 RZR4 900 with ump filter, fuel programer, dual exhaust.. feels like it wants more but not grabbing at high RPM, sputters at 55-60mph! even took it to the Dyno in Hermosa beach! whats the suggestions???? primarily driven in the sand...
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    Can-Am Rotax motor..

    I just bought an XP4 for the family so Im giong to be swaping the Rotax with an R1 so I can have a legitimate race car!! anyone have interest in buying my Rotax package?? I will make a somkin deal!
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    new Delrin for a XP4

    where do I find new bushings for my ride?? found em on another site for way too much money.. who's got the deal??
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    need to know lengths of rear axles

    does anyone know the length of the rear axles for an 06 Rhino with an HCR long travel kit?? Im running Gorilla Joints not sure if that makes a difference but I'm sure it does as they plunge on the axles vs. plunging in the CV joints.. thanks,
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    XP 4 ball joints!! cant find em anywhere..

    I am in dire need of some ball joints for an XP4.. can't find them anywhere.. everyone we have called says they are backordered! does anyone have a couple they can spare?? trying to get the car back together for Baja 500 pre-running! HELP thanks,
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    Yamaha Gorilla cv's w/ summers brother axles?

    is this possible? Just changed from Gorilla's to stock cv's and summers brothers.. when my car is at full droop the stock cv's are binding up!!!! Did not do this with Gorilla's!! My question.. Summers brother axles are 300m vs. gorilla's using a 4340 cold/heat treated axle. Have never had...
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    Yamaha stupid Gorilla's.. neeed HELP!!

    I snapped the driverside rear on Thanksgiving.. I can't pull on the driver side as there is obviously nothing to pull on! I've been yanking on the Passenger side axle and am about to pull the Rhino off the cart!! I CANNOT get the axle out of the differential!!!! I'm sure a few of you have had...

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