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    King of the Kastle - Millican OR - May 2&3 2020

    After years of hard work - the King of the Kastle 100 UTV Desert Race is a reality. Being run in Millican OR, it will use part of the historic CODRA course (last run in the 90s). This will be closed course of 5 x 20 mile laps on the picturesque and varying Central Oregon terrain. Besides...
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    Dakar 2019 - UTVs

    Been really quiet here - and honestly Dakar was not even of interest to me this year... Then Robby Gordon enters with 3 SpeedCats/Textron XX’s - with Robby Gordon, Cole Potts and Blade Hildebrand as drivers - as of course all sorts of typical social media pre-race drama ensues. And the Alba...
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    PNWOR Uncle Al's Auto Starvation Ridge 100 UTV Challenge

    PNWOR kicks off the 2017 season with the 2nd Annual Uncle Al's Automotive Stavation Ridge 100 UTV Challenge to be held April 01 near Goldendale WA. This UTV only event will consist of 10 laps on the 10+ mile track. This course located will have dirt, rocks, mud, deep mud, rocks, water, dust...
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    PNWOR 2016 Race Series Calender

    Pacific Northwest Off Road Racing Series 2016 Race Calendar October 15th, 2015, Tacoma WA - PNWOR (Pacific North West Off Road Racing Series) is excited to announce the 2016 Race Calendar. With 8 events held at 3 different venues, including 3 new tracks, this is sure to be an exciting race year...
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    PNWOR Starvation Ridge 100.0 UTV Challenge

    PNWOR Starvation Ridge 100.0 UTV Challenge October 15th, 2015, Tacoma WA - PNWOR (Pacific North West Off Road Racing Series) is excited to announce the Starvation Ridge 100 UTV Challenge Off Road Race presented by Uncle Al’s Automotive. This UTV only event will be held at the historic...
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    New Yamaha?

    Is this what we have been waiting for? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    All UTV's DIY holding fixture and bonus frame fix

    After a hard roll last season it is time for a new cage. And frame repair - as the Maverick has 3/4" of twist now. I do not have a build table and my friends frame rack was in use. And maintaining a solid structure while fabricating is a must. Some time for plan B. Floor pots would be nice but...
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    PNW Offroad Race Series - Nov 22 - NEW Race Series in WA!

    Great news for us PNW racers - PNW Offroad Race Series was just made public today. This is a new series run by racers and the inaugural race will be held NOV 22 2014 at Stradeline OHV Park outside of McCleary WA (about 20 miles west of Olympia WA) There will be racing for buggies, SxS...
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    COORP - Central Oregon Offroad Race Park

    Central Oregon Offroad Race Park - 2014 Series dates just made public on their Facebook page! Apr 26 Jun 28 Aug 16 Sept 20 More info coming soon to
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    Rally Diabolico

    This sure looks like fun -> Rally race in the dunes of Northern Mexico!
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    Quadcross Final Rounds - Washougal WA Sept 7&8th

    Final rounds of the 2013 Quadcross series this coming weekend at Washougal WA. Classes for SxS and ATV's. Info at Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to race at Washougal this weekend.
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    Central Oregon Offroad Race Park - 2013 Short Course Series

    Only 40 days until the green flag drop at the COORP 2013 season opener. For those of you in the pacific northwest, dust off those helmets,polish up those wheels,and bring your vehicles out. This is an awsome track,great people,and the only place to watch wheel to wheel off road racing in the PNW...
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    Eugene OR - MX & SXS Winter Series

    There us now SXS racing at Territorial MX Park in outside of Eugene OR! Round #2 is typical OR winter, cool and raining, muddy fun track. Two of us showed up, got very muddy (WORCS style). We both took so much mud neither machine would jump... XP has the Teryx on power.
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    COORP 2013 Race Schedule

    COORP (Central Oregon Race Park) located in Redmond OR is proud to announce the 2013 Race Schedule: April 27. - June 29. - August 10. - Sept 12. - With classes for Trucks, Buggies, Jeeps, UTV /SxS, and Trophy Karts there are classes for just about any off road race vehicle. -...
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    COORP - Sept 15 End of Summer Bash - Redmond OR

    The final round of the Central Oregon Offroad Race Park 2012 series will take place Sept 15th in Redmond OR. END OF SUMMER BASH – will be a Double Points race and host the very first ever Ladies Race! Come join the fun! With classes for all UTV's, buggies, trucks and now Trophy Karts...
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    UTV racing in the Pacific NW

    UTV racing it growing in the PNW! Here is a partial list of what event are happening for 2012 COORP - Central Oregon Race Park (Redmond OR) will have Stock and Modified UTV classes, and Trophy Karts as part of their 3 race series Quadcross MX- (WA and OR) now has a UTV class as part...
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    Central Oregon Offroad Race Park - Sept 17 Race

    COORP has taken over the STAR series. Race date has been revised to Saturday Sept 17th. Same great track and location in Redmond OR Full event schedule and lots more info coming out in the next few days. Classes for Trucks / buggies / UTV / TK's / Jeeps / KOH / Lites / etc. <Race is very...
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    STAR Rnd#1- PacNORE i phone coverage

    Live from Redmond OR - round #1 of the SuperToys Adventures Race Series. Russ and the crew have done an incredible job building the .6 mile short course track. Natural terrain, jumps, steps, on a nicely groomed track. #797 - UTV #1997 www.
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    UTV racing in OR - PacNORE

    It is now official - there will be short course racing in the Pacific Northwest! Supertoys Adventures LLC will be sponsoring the inagural PacNORE short course race May 21-22 in Redmond OR. There will be classes for Pro Race Trucks, Buggies, UTV's, Trophy Karts and Pilot / Oddys. The race...
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    UTV TUFF - Demo in OR -Sept 25

    Since I cannot make it to LOORRS....might as well bring some SC UTV fun to Oregon Just got this last minute deal put together Willamette Speedway is having a Trash Car / Tuff Truck race on Sat nite Sept 25th. Racing starts around 7pm. The promoter is allowing a UTV TUFF demo - no prize,$ or...
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    Buying used Race project: Rhino or Teryx?

    We are going racing again, and this time will buy a done or mostly done UTV. With many good deals in the market this makes the most sense right now. Living in OR, we plan on doing short desert style races, dunes, some Gran Prix races and want to be able to do fun rides as well. No LOORRS for...
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    LOORRS - Speedworld Results now posted

    LOORRS Speedworld 'unofficial' results are now posted on for the JR1 / JR2/ MOD Kart classes and now for the UTV/ SR1 classes as well. Looks like the SR1's had a good day. Best of luck to all those that are racing:D
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    Blue Coyote

    Hey guys, 07fj referred me - been a lurker for a while and have decided to join. Blue Coyote Racing - TK, Stadium Lite, and 7s truck - and hopefully very soon a UTV. This is a great site for info. Also run dedicated to promoting all forms of TK racing. See you all at...

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