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  1. Bayoutiger

    Central Florida

    Looking to possibly start a Rhino/UTV/ATV club in the Central Florida area. Thoughts would be to have an organization of interested owners to meet for organized events/rides. If there is enough of an interest, would like to see it grow enough to be able to get the club to be involved in...
  2. Bayoutiger

    RZR seats on a Rhino help.

    Just installed Rzr seats in the Rhineaux. So much more comfortable than stock.
  3. Bayoutiger

    I dont care what SxS you have...

    Damn Rockit, makes me want to road trip to CA from FLA!!
  4. Bayoutiger

    Christmas in March!!!

    I would normally do that but I want to have time to make sure it's right and not screw something up and be without my rhineaux this weekend.
  5. Bayoutiger

    Christmas in March!!!

    Excited yes but also bummed a bit. I have an event Saturday and Sunday at the local trail and mud bog so I don't have sufficient time to get the sheave installed and tested before Saturday. My question is, can I run the CDI without installing the sheave? Tony
  6. Bayoutiger

    Christmas in March!!!

    Would help if I finished the post before posting. Guess I was too excited.
  7. Bayoutiger

    Christmas in March!!!

    Got home from work today and this was waiting for me!!!
  8. Bayoutiger

    RZR seats on a Rhino help.

    Thanks for the photos Custom
  9. Bayoutiger

    RZR seats on a Rhino help.

    07...Would you mind posting a picture of the seat in the rhino? I want to do this but haven't seen what they look like installed. Thanks.
  10. Bayoutiger

    Yet, another RF defector...

    Thanks Larry...
  11. Bayoutiger

    Yamaha Do you have a JBS Sheave?

    I should receive mine any day now. Can't wait!!
  12. Bayoutiger

    Lets see some dogs

    My Great Dane, Dudley.
  13. Bayoutiger

    All UTV's Post up a pic of your sxs!!

    after a day at Coyote Mud Bog!!
  14. Bayoutiger

    Welcome from UTVUnderground

    Thanks for the welcome!!
  15. Bayoutiger

    And another RF defector …

    I defected as well. I have a 2012 700se and my JBS should be in any day now.
  16. Bayoutiger

    Yet, another RF defector...

    Yes, I'm a kool-aid drinker!! Hello from sunny central Florida!!!
  17. Bayoutiger

    supporting vender

    Even though its been a month and still no sheave or cdi, I'll still follow you James. I know it's a problem with getting the cdi from Dynatek.
  18. Bayoutiger

    New Guy

    Love the sheep.
  19. Bayoutiger

    supporting vender

  20. Bayoutiger

    supporting vender

    I've defected!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2

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