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  1. fesco70


    Does your rack fit a Ranger 570 mid size?
  2. fesco70


    I would like to see the Women's class included especially since the picture used above is of the WORCS Women's class taken from last season. I also agree on the parts program as we are chasing a championship this year and it takes a lot of replacement parts to stay competitive.
  3. fesco70

    Get Ready....

    We have been using the Kobalt brand from Lowes and have no complaints yet. We did break a ratchet but they have a lifetime warranty and replaced it.
  4. fesco70

    Smallest Wheel that will fit a 2016 Turbo XP RZR?

    We tried a bunch of different wheels and wheels spacers but went back to stock wheels because they seemed to be the only ones that cleared the brake calipers and then we installed ITP Ultra GT 205x30-14 They go on a bead lock wheel pretty easy but you need to leave them out in the sun for a...
  5. fesco70

    Shelby Anderson to pilot Young Gun car #1805 at UTV World Championship

    We race the WORCS series with Shelby and I think you made a good selection.
  6. fesco70

    UTV WINTER NATIONALS Parker “250” Presented By Polaris

    Does anyone run Tire Blocks? I know they work but do people think that they add to much weight?
  7. fesco70

    UTV WINTER NATIONALS Parker “250” Presented By Polaris
  8. fesco70

    All UTV's PRP Alpha seats

    Can you do one with pink trim?
  9. fesco70

    New race team from AZ, Mertens Motorsports.

    Did Gil get a new car? We have some good footage of him rolling behind us at Cedar City.
  10. fesco70

    Looking to get my 12 year old into UTV racing

    If you have DirecTV watch the show WORCS Warriors it will give you an idea on how that series is run.
  11. fesco70

    Polaris Ranger RZR XP 900 2011 PDF Service Manual

    I take it back my computer won't send the file even when I compressed it to a zip file - Sorry
  12. fesco70

    YXZ with LT- Which Class?

    Aftermarket well-built roll cages made for racing are recommended. No factory stock roll cages will be allowed. Factory cages will only be allowed if modified/reinforced and tied into rear bumper/frame at two points. Gusseting of the factory cage is highly encouraged. Metal roof panels are...
  13. fesco70

    Purchased truck - Now shopping for a Toy Hauler

    Don't go to big - We had a 43' Voltage and towed with the same truck and even though it had enough power and handled the weight I was on edge every trip. No one else in the family would tow it so I was always the driver everywhere we went. We went to a motorhome now but if I went back to a 5th...
  14. fesco70

    #1958 Race Car Issues

  15. fesco70

    YXZ with LT- Which Class?

    Pro Unlimited & Production 1000 Turbo Max 1000cc* *Any 2015 WORCS Entered SXS is grandfathered for 2016 only* Minimum 15 years old on first day of event. Open based class. Only safety items required. Turbos allowed in this class only. You need to read a little closer!
  16. fesco70

    YXZ with LT- Which Class?

    Turbo cars are in their own class. Go to and look at page 27 in the rule book for class discriptions.
  17. fesco70

    YXZ with LT- Which Class?

    1000 Stock
  18. fesco70

    2016 BITD YXZ1000R Suspended Fabrication Build #1982

    Just picked up our YXZ today. Not sure what to do with it but just had to have one.
  19. fesco70

    Any Salt Lake City Racers?

    Nets are mandatory for WORCS and you will also need a fire extinguisher within reach of the driver.
  20. fesco70

    Any Salt Lake City Racers?

    Window net yes on drivers side and passenger side only if you plan on racing with two people in the car. They don't check the date on the harnesses but you will need it to be a five point. Tires are good. Two wheel drive will work but you will be at a disadvantage against the four wheel drive...

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