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    day trips

    I got a 16' Ronco tandem axle. All utility trailers are not the same. Two axle tows better and easier to back up.
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    Best in The Desert Henderson 250

    That was a cool video, thanks for posting that.
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    What happened to the UTV Desert Rally?

    Sounds good Jim, I often forget not everyone wants to go out and see how sideways they can get their UTV without going over. Last years rally was great just getting all the different folks and different rides in one spot, and taking over the 4x4 area! I'm sure this years will be awesome too!
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    What happened to the UTV Desert Rally?

    The location was perfect! I thought the ride could have been a little longer and a little more difficult sections. T-shirts would be cool, I'd buy one....
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    What happened to the UTV Desert Rally?

    Right on! Last year was October, so I was gettin nervous.
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    What happened to the UTV Desert Rally?

    Is there gonna be a Rally in 2014?
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    Cleghorn Ridge ride 7/11

    Re: Cleghorn Ridge ride 7/12 I hear ya on the broken part.... I was eyeballing this trip but I had to work. I haven't rode in so long my tires had almost gone flat. Maybe I can rip up there next trip.
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    Cleghorn Ridge ride 7/11

    Bummer Moss. The scratches give it character... we don't like them pretty, like those sand guys huh!
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    new guy in the san diego area

    Welcome from Ramona! Close enough to call SD :D Ocotillo Wells is my main playground, see you out there!
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    Miller Canyon ride this Saturday

    Moss, I'm gonna have to pass on this one. Too far of a drive for such a quickie. We are gonna have to do it again later when we got more time.
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    Miller Canyon ride this Saturday

    I wish I knew exactly where I was (I would need to look at a map) cause that was my first trip there. But I know it was a street legal Jeep trail I shouldn't even have been on. I got in like 50 feet and got wedged in between rocks on both lower Radius Rods. Turned around to keep riding as it...
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    Miller Canyon ride this Saturday

    I may be down for that. Just got my new High Clearance Radius Rods on this weekend after I bent 1 of mine. My first trip to Miller Canyon 2 Weeks ago saw to that :D
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    Trail etiquette

    I like the hand signal system, however it does get a little old on a really busy "trail" like Shell Reef Expressway in OW on Thanksgiving Weekend. It should be reserved for single track trails. It is kinda obvious when you can see everyone coming, and the trail is 15' wide.
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    "Back in the day..." I still run those old skool kragen HID's and love em. Guess you don't miss what you don't have. Interesting thread though. I do want a bar some day, and pricing will be a factor. There has to be a balance of price and quality, and each person has his own needs and price...
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    Thanksgiving weekend. Where you riding?

    Ocotillo Wells (South Side), off County Line Rd from Tuesday night to Sunday.
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    PCI SXS Busa Build

    I got to meet John and go for a ride with him and moss out at the Rally. That Car is Bad Ass!! Sounds just as good as it looks!, and I should know cause I was always behind him trying to keep up, lol. This pic is out at Shell Reef. ert%20Rally%202013/IMG_2069.jpg
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    It's official!!

    Kinda like Sasquatch, everyone has heard of the "law", but no one has ever got a ticket. I still bring mine out to the desert....
  18. S Desert Rally - Ocotillo Wells / S22 Nov 8-10

    Dohhhh, thanks guys, the inter-web I'm on must block those pics. saw it on tapatalk. thanks!
  19. S Desert Rally - Ocotillo Wells / S22 Nov 8-10

    I'm coming out for the day on Saturday, and am trying to find out if there is a ride going on. On the map way back in the thread, there was a trail ride course. Is there a list of activities or anything?
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    Idle goes up when I engage AWD

    Ive never noticed that on my 11 XP. Doesn't sound normal to me...
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    TAX Avoidance? TAX Evasion? Shipping prices?

    From another Vet, that is said perfectly!
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    RZR 4 800 Inspection

    Cool, thanks.
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    RZR 4 800 Inspection

    What will he be looking for? Is there a fitment problem like the early XP's, or just to see if they maintained properly?
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    RZR 4 800 Inspection

    I've got a buddy going to look at 2011 RZR 4 800 to buy. Anything special besides the usual visual stuff and oils etc. he should look for when checking it out? Do the arm mounts or particular parts of the frame need inspection? Any tips would be appreciated.
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    All UTV's The future of the sport UTV market

    What would rip consider long travel on a sxs? Jeez..... My XP has 14" and it soaks up almost anything but the biggest whoops out there. Have you even driven any of these sport SXS's? Maybe you should just buy a trophy truck and get it over with.
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    SxS makes the Tubes at OW

    I saw this last night on another site. I wanted to try it last year but chickened out. I knew it could be done, just didn't have the stones!
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    Want some FREE Sand Sports Super Show TICKETS???

    Good job Moss. I cant make the show this year, gonna be putting a top end on sons bike. I will see what goodies you get at OW this season.
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    Video of XP1000 vs XP900.. Drag Race

    I love these kinds of threads. need a popcorn icon!
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    Polaris 1000xp giveaway??

    Anyone hear anything??
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    UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K - Full Video

    Nice! Great Job on the Vid!
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    NEW 2014 Polaris RZR TEASER PHOTO????

    Damn you guys, I'm trying to work today and I keep getting distracted with this! Just release it already! lol Can't Focus...want to see it! :D
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    Howdy from Oklahoma

    Welcome from San Diego.
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    YAMAHA - June 11th, 6PM PST on - 2014 Model Year RELEASE!

    Doesnt look too bad, not for me though. Hopefully just the beginning. Haters be hatin.... Makes me laugh how some people take this!
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    YAMAHA - June 11th, 6PM PST on - 2014 Model Year RELEASE!

    While I am definitely interested in the hope that Yamaha puts out something cool, I doubt it will be so much better than the current crop of sporty's that would make me sell the XP. Lately these hyped up releases are a letdown.
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    All UTV's Lighted Whip reccomendations

    I rolled over my Safeglow, and all it did was slightly deform the plastic tube at the mount point. Still stands straight and solid.
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    Awesome RZR Video

    Very cool video!! Who'd a thought you could pedal a rzr in a wheelie!
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    Today's Pep Talk

    Watch what happens in Cypres.... A glimpse into the future maybe?
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    XP vs Maverick

    Wondering if they had the same tires? Can make a difference sometimes. Looks cold!
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    country founded by geniuses but ran by idiots... MUST READ

    How about the 450K per year pension for a county supervisor. This country IS run by idiots, and most of us just watch. Vote people!
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    Polaris Need pix of RZR XP with flares cut off

    I'm suprised we have not bumped in to each other out there. I love to make new trails out of notches on the south end of O.W. We will have to hook up sometime, as most of my buddies just watch me cause they dont want to scratch their ride, lol! Mine is on its side or all the way over, it...
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    Polaris Need pix of RZR XP with flares cut off

    You will love the fenders gone if you do some crawling, you can see your tires, and they wont get broke off if you tip over.
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    Hemet Law Sucks!!!

    I was at Ocotillo Wells this weekend also and was surprised to see so many people wearing helmets and only a few not. I wondered if the rangers were giving tickets and not warnings.
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    Save Johnson Valley

    Just many members on this forum? If half of the members signed, how many would that be? It takes longer to read this thread than sign up!
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    Save Johnson Valley

    Signed, #16,848. Didn't take but 2 minutes to create the account. needed more info there than required to vote haha:D
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    2013 Monster Jam San Diego UTV Race Video

    I was there to see the final, and the Mav looked really fast. He was the only one totally clearing the tabletop. too bad he didnt get the win.
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    2013 Rally On The Rocks - Moab, UT

    Damn I want to go this year!
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    my new years pics from Glamis

    That is some big air!! Wish it was on video, love to see it!

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