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    Glen Helen Grand Prix July 20th

    Sra is putting together a Grand Prix at glen Helen on July 20th. Is anyone racing? Or have you raced it before? Wondering how the course is and what kinda Sxs turn out they have? I think I am going to race because it only 30 mins from me and only $40 be good testing before the ave pure 225.
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    Used Itp tires

    Good for spares. 3. Itp 900xct 27x9-12 & 2. 27x11-12 $60 takes all or trade for used 26" tires.
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    Ave pure 175 April 4-6th

    Alright racers, with there only being 30 days left tell round 2. lets get a roll call going. Who's coming and what would you like to see different? I am not a fan of the land rush idea. I was happy they changed it last min. I would like 30sec vs 10sec tho to give a little more space and let some...
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    Utv jack and jack mount

    Trying to get ready for an upcoming dezert race just wondering what jacks people are using and how they are mounting them to there cars. Post your pics thanks
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    Question about xp900 axles plz help

    I am running the super atv rhino brand axles and not had any probs tell the other night (not even sure if its the axles) went to go out and play in the hills the other night and when I pulled out to load up I noticed the car was a lil jerky from dead stop (once you get going its fine) had my...
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    Lake silver wood sat 11-23

    thinking about doing a day trip to miller canyon sat to play in some water crossing as snow maybe. Anyone else going or want to go?
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    Dezert season is around the corner where are you going?

    It's coming!!! 85 more days tell my 1st trip of the season! Weekend of nov 15th I will be in ocotillo wells on top of blow sand watching the trailers roll in threw the night. Where will everyone be going for there 1st trip?
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    Wanted rhino hub

    Posting for a friend he's looking for a pass side hub. Let me know what you guys have.
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    Pci race radio antenna and helping wiring help

    Just got a pci radio for my xp and have some ????sss does the antenna have to be mounted above the car or will this do? Also does the antenna need to be grounded? Or as long as the radio it self is grounded are we good? As far as wiring the helmet I got this to go into this helmet has anyone...
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    Glamis march 1st-4th

    Going to try Glamis for my 1st time anyone have any helpful prep tips? Anyone else going that weekend and want to go on a ride and show me how to drive in the dunes?
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    some fun in the snow yesterday

    Lake silver wood - YouTube Lake silver wood - YouTube Lake silver wood - YouTube
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    go check it out! they have some good products coming out at really good deals call and talk with scott he is a super nice guy trying to get his business off the ground. spread the word and lets help out a good guy. :D:D:D:D:D:D:):):):):)
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    Tie rod ?

    Put my rzr on its side this weekend and bent the tie rod looking for a stronger built tie rod and came across these from rhino parts & performance is anyone running these or any others like it? Thank you for the help.
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    Pismo beach Huckfest JUNE 9TH 2012

    any one interested in going to pismo beach and watching some trucks huck?!!!
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    1st oil change on my xp900

    i am just about to hit my 1st 20hrs on my 2012 razor xp 900... i was just wondering what oil most of you us in your utv's... my manual recommended polaris ps-4 pluse synthetics oil... i like use mobil 1 synthetic on all my vehicles, just dont know if it would be ok to use it for the razor? what...
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    Barstow 3/16-3/18

    Going to Barstow this coming weekend, for the race. Wondering if anyone was going to be out there, or would like to come up for a day ride? :D
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    hey everyone

    hows it going my name is Dennison, i just got the 2012 razor 900xp and loving it. only prob is i am the only one out of all my friends with one. looking to learn all i can about the razor and meet new people to ride with. i live in menifee ca. i like to ride all over barstow,ocotillo wells...

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