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    World Record Jump Video

    VERY cool!
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    Kyle LeDuc's In the House

    LOL... the dude that will forever be known for getting his ass kicked by a hoe.... LMAO!!!
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    WOW.... Scott is a great person and has helped me several times with my kit. Could not ask for a better person or customer service.... Get well soon dude we all will keep you in our thoughts....
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    BOBONTHIS SR1 Wheely Jump

    DAMN! i cant watch at work!
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    Great Day

    wow thats crazy!!! Congrats!!
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    Please excuse me while i go change my shorts.... that was SICK!
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    sucks to hear that about the damage man....
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    I posted one of them on the RF thread for you lol
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    wow that turned out SICK!
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    All UTV's my redline revolt

    Sweet ride... Nice to see your still getting out there and ripping it up!!
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    Another RZR S....

    Got some skills on that welder thats for sure!!!
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    Rhino ALPINE system

    nice looking setup.....
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    there went the neighborhood!

    that looks pretty damn sweet!
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    Welcome... I quit riding after i had a herniated disc. I stopped before i had a worse injury. Look forward to seeing the build thread.
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    My Baja adventure.

    cool pics.. looks like it was a good time...
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    Yamaha badinfluence race rhino (update pix)

    Looks good Keith. Reminds me of that Cat you sold to Scott.
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    Cool RC Videos

    thats pretty sweet... ive got a SC8 thats pretty fun!
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    Herbst & Monster team up

    ohhhhh hell yes!!! Cant wait to see that thing tomorrow!
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    Herbst & Monster team up

    Hell yea, i cant wait to go.. im either leaving tonight or EARLY in the am!!
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    Forum Size

    fits perfect for me... i see about 2" of bolts on each side.
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    2008 Baja 500 DiscoveryHD Theatre Showing

    That was a bitchen show!! no kidding 7 sec. that was CLOSE! Mad props to the dude that rode 40 miles with a broken wrist and a bumbed knee!!
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    Phx Monster Jam pics 1.24.09

    lots of good pics. I got to watch AMA SX there last year. Maybe next year i can ketch monster jam!
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    is it just me or ???

    IT will only get worse lol.... Kinda like my wife and my xbox360. Good luck though, and if you find a way to make it work PLEASE pass on the info lol :D
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    Grinding stone pics from the race 1.25.09

    Looks like alot of fun. The damage is the main reason i dont race at all. I dont mind breaking my own stuff, but when some basshat smashes into you for no reason pisses me off...
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    Speed world - ET

    Ive never played on one of these tracks but am interesed in it. Can you go on any practice night and go play out there? Is there some sort of tech on them nights? Just kinda interested in the details!
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    Chopped and lowered cage

    DAMN!!! what thickness? I think mine was 060. I paid $80 for a 4x8 sheet...
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    Chopped and lowered cage

    Yea... i did my own doors. It was TOUGH AS HELL! It came out OK i guess. It does not look anything like a pro job lol. But i tell ya what, $80 for a sheet of aluminum and its done so screw it lol
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    2008 Baja 500 DiscoveryHD Theatre Showing

    Thanks for the info! i just set my auto tune! I gotta wait till 8 tho AZ time.
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    Nicknames / Titles

    got ya :cool:
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    Nicknames / Titles

    no not at all... When i asked you if i had to post to get the name to change you said yea... then i found the way to change it... so i said you lied! ill change it for you lol
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    Nicknames / Titles

    dont feel bad i didnt get one lol... i made my own!
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    Newbie ?? HP Mule...

    We have one of these at work in our shop. Its gas though. I LOVE driving that thing. Beat the hell out of hit. Its not fast but its fun.
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    Nicknames / Titles

    HA i figured it out! and you tried to trick me
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    Yamaha 07 sport custom

    And another bad ass two seater. one of my favs. I need to get after doing some paint for mine! Lookin good Rog
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    Yamaha My boy blue!

    i like the look of the 2 seater. Nice and simple, plus they haul ass without all the extra stuff. Well haul ass for a rhino anyway.
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    Yamaha My 07 660

    Thanks! The wheels have wide offset.... I got em CHEAP so i took them anyway. I have wanted to get some new beadlocks or something but dont want to part with a grand for wheels! I run the paddles and smoothies on my stock wheels so i dont break anything in the sand dunes!
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    Chopped and lowered cage

    looking good, Nothing more gratifying than making your own stuff!!
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    IDK whats up with that, But at this site and the numbers have been HUGE. Must be hitting the market just right or something?! Either way GOOD JOB!
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    Yamaha My 07 660

    Uni Air Filter with billet adapter Yoshi dual exhaust UTV Crap Sheave with duners kit Jaz 10 gal fuel cell intercomm from Rugged radios custom cage built by me XMF LT Checker HIDS ITP Wheels Paddles and Smoothies Doors built by me also Bed delete built by me also Thats about all i...
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    Nicknames / Titles

    haha ok.... let me get started!
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    Nicknames / Titles

    So i gotta post whore myself out?? lol
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    All UTV's Fuel cell?

    OHHH YEA... whole different story there... I am running the 660 so i wouldnt be to much help with that! havent looked into the 700..
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    Nicknames / Titles

    Titles... OK so whats the prospect deal?? :confused: one of those post count deals?
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    Pic Of The Day UTVUnderground Style!

    Who ever is in the Terex needed a pants change for sure... thats a crazy ass pic!
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    All UTV's Fuel cell?

    I hooked mine up to the stock pump. Im still on somewhat stock engine.
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    All UTV's Fuel cell?

    Sounds like the one "Controlled Force" has, Ive got a 10 gallon Jaz fuel cell in mine with no sender. I can ride pretty much all day without filling up. If you top off before every ride then fuel isnt really a concern.

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