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    2011 BITD TSCO Vegas to Reno Pictures & Videos

    Nice Pic's I especially like this one Since its the team Im on. Sure was a long day for us, Ripped the right front off at RM 43 then the left front...
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    Lost Dog at Rasor road

    Posting for a friend I know this is a long shot, but I am desperate. We are camping at Rosor rd. OHV, just south of Baker Ca. Our Brittany spaniel "Brandy" wandered out of camp last night, and has not been seen since. We are about 6 or 7 miles in on Rasor rd, from the I-15 frwy. if anyone is...
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    Yamaha Stock CDI for an 06 Rhino

    My neighbor bought a used Rhino and didnt get a stock CDI with it but wants one for a spare. Anyone have one laying around they dont need?
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    Joey's Rhino

    Its one sick ride fo sho!!
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    Blow out prices at the SSSS

    I just got this and thought I would share.
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    63 mph slash

    Here it is next to my Slayer
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    63 mph slash

    Damn things are a kick in the A$$. Any one have the mini slash yet? Its half the size, 4x4 and all you need to do is add a second battery pack and change the gear to get 50.
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    Dragonfireracing Sponsorship

    I will check it out. Im kinda slow at that but will get too it soon.
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    Happy B-Day Rog! 07fj

    Happy B-Day, Better late than never I guess.
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    Dragonfireracing Sponsorship

    How about a girl racing Trophy Karts or maybe the whole 3 Kart team?
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    The truith about Rhinos.

    Well maybe if you would let her drive it it wouldn't break as often.
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    Fight For Your RIghts!

    It only takes a few minutes of your time guys to help keep our areas open. We need all the help we can get on this.
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    First ever double back fkip.

    This is incredible. What will they be able to do next? :eek: Cameron Sinclair Double Backflip at Red Bull X-Fighters
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    All UTV's Free... thats right, Free

    Thats cool but I was just kidding. :cool:
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    All UTV's Free... thats right, Free

    Well I will only be home tomorrow. If I had more time I would be all over this.
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    All UTV's Free... thats right, Free

    Well how about they come get my Rhino and when its done drop it back off. :D
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    All UTV's Free... thats right, Free

    Hell of a deal, Thanks Shawn.
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    Front wheelbearing?

    Ive got about 1500 miles on my fronts and almost 3000 on the rear. Only reason I replaced the front was because I get new spindles with everything on them. I would think its the water thats doing you harm or maybe you pressure wash it when its muddy? Be carefull around the bearings you can...
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    USMC Teryx... Bless our soldiers!

    Who ever painted it did a kick ass job!! Of course the whole thing is nice.
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    Balljoint question?

    Its on there so I would give it a try, you have nothing to loose.
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    Last Day to Comment

    I did already
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    Sounds like a killer deal. Maybe they should give out a couple sets so we can see how they hold up first hand. ;):D
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    Yamaha My short travel is gone

    Nice!! Best money spent on a SXS if you ask me.
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    The truith about Rhinos.

    I just saw this and thought I would share it with you guys. Truth About Rhino
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    Done, Took me less than 5 min and I messed up and had to start over.
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    Congrats on the new addition to your family!!!!
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    Dont miss the first TORC race on ESPN tomorrow

    Were good Just not much to say lately. Good racing enev though I knew the out come already. Congrats to Rick on both days win. I wish we were there this year, maybe next. I was going next weekend but got offered an RV spot on the beach next weekend so were doing that. Actually I said yes to...
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    Senator Dianne Feinstein Thinks Johnson Valley Used Little by Recreating Public

    Re: Gees, She Must Be REALLY Busy Looking After My OHV Interests! This is what I wrote I am writing you this in response to the John Valley riding area. We are rapidly loosing our rights to access to these public lands and I urge you to NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN to Johnson Valley or any other...
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    Looks very cool, Im about to make a deal on some left over stock from a shop that closed. Now I have somewhere to post it for sale.
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    Hard to start !

    Mine too. No change after a pump change either. Im not sure what can be done other than an electric fuel pump. The FI ones dont do that.
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    This is a great kit. I love mine and have never had a problem with any part.
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    Parker Dam 2 the Landing Sat May 2nd

    Wish we could make it but its not going to happen. Being unemployed sucks.
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    OCOTILLO 4/25 - 4/26

    Man, looks like I missed a good one. Hopefully next time.
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    America's Sue-Happy Society Costs Us All

    Sucks for sure. We shouldnt be able to sue any one because we were STUPID!!
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    Sway bar and the notorious lean

    I tried mine with it off a couple weeks ago and will leave it off. Its way better with out it.
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    66Restomod Stang

    Beautiful ride.
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    1967 camaro rs prostreet

    Very sweet ride, Nice work !!
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    My New Buggy!!!!!

    Looks like a RZR :cool:
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    We might be getting somewhere with the ban of youth bikes.

    Its a step in the right direction even if it is a small one. One of two federal commissioners votes to grant a 1-year stay in enforcing ban on sale of youth-size ATVs | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California
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    My intention was to help, the shirt was just a bonus. It will get here when it gets here.
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    Proud to be American!

    Right On!!
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    Need help for Terrible's 250 April 17-19

    Well be out there too. My Daughter will be recing on Friday and I will be hanging around the Foutz pit but if you need help I will be there.
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    Hell Yeah!!!
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    Yamaha new bed and bumper

    Thats SWEET!!!!!!
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    Yamaha intake

    Is this it?

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