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    My Final Story | Joey D. // UTVUnderground

    Joey, You will be missed here at UTVU. I would hope you don't become a stranger to the rallies I have seen you at, ROTR, Camp RZR Glamis, etc. I hope the best for you and your family on your new venture. HAVE FUN BE SAFE PS. Great write up, it shows the great person you are.

    Riding in Washington State

    Try here.

    New to forum

    Welcome from the central coast of California. You also have Sand Mtn. over on the Reno side.

    CV & Axle Prep Made Easy via AGM UTV Axle Jaws

    Thanks Joey For some reason I cant get it to work on my PC but It works on my phone. ???

    CV & Axle Prep Made Easy via AGM UTV Axle Jaws

    For some reason I cant get the order web page to work.

    Who has the scoop on the new new for the up coming desert/dune riding season

    Dam Joey, I think your account has been hacked by my wife!

    All UTV's Happy 4th of July!!

    Thanks, and a Happy 4th to you.

    Stopping by to say hello

    Welcome from the central coast of California

    Hello from Montana

    Welcome from the central coast of California.
  10. RWTDCT

    First Time Offroading with the Kiddo

    Awesome, I love to see father daughter outings. She seems to be having a lot of fun. PS. Please get her a better helmet.
  11. RWTDCT

    Most important accessory?

    Small 12v air compressor with a tire repair plug kit. Tow strap, extra belt, few tools (end wrenches, ratchet and sockets) jumper cables. I also carry two fire extinguishers and a 1st aid kit.
  12. RWTDCT

    New to forum hello everyone

    Welcome from the central coast of California
  13. RWTDCT


    How about a little more info. or a link to where the info is at. I went to didn't see anything on this day tripper. What's the temp. out there in late July.
  14. RWTDCT


    Need more info.
  15. RWTDCT


    Hmmm..............Still waiting
  16. RWTDCT


    I am waiting!
  17. RWTDCT

    RV 6v Battery Set up / Kit / Where to buy???

    Yes 99.9 percent of the time I am dry camping so I just leave the cord plugged into the inverter with it on until I pack up for home. I would say if you are only using one 12v battery turn the inverter off at night, when you go to bed or when not in use.
  18. RWTDCT

    RV 6v Battery Set up / Kit / Where to buy???

    So here is a picture plugged into the inverter and a picture plugged into shore power/generator. So the cord you see is on its own breakers and dedicated to all the plug-ins I explained on previous post. So either place you plug it in is not conflicting. Now if you had the cord plugged in to...
  19. RWTDCT

    RV 6v Battery Set up / Kit / Where to buy???

    So far as the solar It came pre installed different than Joeys. I have several plugs that you can use with the inverter or shore power. All four TV outlets, a outlet in the kitchen, one in the bedroom and another in the outside compartment near the central vac. A simple unplug from the shore...
  20. RWTDCT

    Drivers attacking Drivers at WORCS

    The guy in the front need a good ass woopen, and then told to go race with the beginners. I didn't realize you could actually be in a race without a helmet. (I think he was a blocker)
  21. RWTDCT

    RV 6v Battery Set up / Kit / Where to buy???

    No need of having 4 6v batteries if you have a generator running non-stop, it's over kill, one 12v is fine. Now if you were running an inverter I would say yes to four or more 6v batteries. My set up 520 watts of solar panels, 2000 watt inverter, four 6v T105RE Trojans and a Bogart Trimetric...
  22. RWTDCT

    Toy Hauler Opinions

    What are you in the market for a 5th wheel or pull behind? Do you want luxury or a work and play? Wide body or not. There are several dealers out there with different brands. I would suggest go out and take a look at different ones It would give you a better idea of what fits you. Most all...
  23. RWTDCT

    New to the fourm saying hi

    Welcome from the central coast of California.
  24. RWTDCT


    Welcome from the central coast of California
  25. RWTDCT


    Welcome to the forum from the central coast of California.
  26. RWTDCT

    Keep getting logged out.

    I am back in business.
  27. RWTDCT

    Keep getting logged out.

    X...2 Joey said he was going to look into it. Hopefully it is corrected soon.
  28. RWTDCT

    Best utv for trail riding?

    RS1 looks awesome, I would like to test ride one. The wife might not like it being it's a one seater, she would have to stay home. That might not be a bad thing.:D
  29. RWTDCT

    Its one of the most insane UTV's we've ever seen!

    It sure looks nice! I want to see if it can complete the coarse and cross the finish line.
  30. RWTDCT

    Helmet Speakers

    With helmet speakers it's as close as it gets. If you want good sound you would have to jump up to the head sets. This route would, you would have to ware a half helmet to work.
  31. RWTDCT

    Mounting 20” bar on f250

    Sorry I cant help you, but they do look nice down low in the bumper. Good luck...
  32. RWTDCT

    Public comments sought for 2019 Off-Highway Vehicle grants

    I sure hope Feinstein, Pelosi & Boxer misses this memo.
  33. RWTDCT

    My new to me, 55 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

    She sho looks SWEET. I am sure you will enjoy it. PS. Don't take it to Glamis!
  34. RWTDCT

    Tonka Town

    I wish I could have made the trip. Nice pic Ray.
  35. RWTDCT

    MLK weekend Glamis dune video

    Looks like everyone had a great time. One of these days I will get back down that way. Nice videos, thanks for sharing.
  36. RWTDCT

    New To Forum & UTV

    Welcome from the central coast of California
  37. RWTDCT


    I average 75 to 150mi. per day, sometimes more. I just cant take the chance I am not going to make it back. I always carry an extra 4gl. of fuel with me (just incase). It's not going to work for me, but I don't mind riding next to someone that has one, I would like to see how it performs against...
  38. RWTDCT

    2011 Forest River Stealth CK3214 - For Sale

    SOLD 2011 Forest River Stealth CK3214 - For Sale If you have any Questions, give me a PM or my # is on either of the web sites.
  39. RWTDCT

    Polaris Limit straps

    Agreed.......I have approx. 6000 to 8000 miles on a few RZR's. I have had one issue with an axle, I broke an outer front left CV on one of the hammers in Johnson Valley, It was my fault. It's not good when you have a tire spinning bouncing off rocks. But if getting limit straps makes a person...
  40. RWTDCT

    Polaris Limit straps

    I am not sure of the length, but may I ask why you need them? I have never needed limit straps.
  41. RWTDCT

    Kidde Recalls 37 Million Fire Extenguishers

    If you have a Kidde fire extinguisher it probably has a recall.
  42. RWTDCT


    Welcome from the central coast of California
  43. RWTDCT

    Hello from SDTom

    Welcome from the central coast of California
  44. RWTDCT

    New to forum....

    Welcome and thank you for your service.
  45. RWTDCT

    Help me buy a 4 seat UTV

    My vote for an all around machine (dunes, desert, sierra's) is a XP4 1000. XP 900 is also another good SxS If you have never owned a SxS any one you first jump in will have the fun factor. After a little time you will realize other SxS's you will have more fun in. Do it right the first time...
  46. RWTDCT


    Welcome from the central coast of California
  47. RWTDCT


    Welcome from the central coast of California.

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